Gaurav Mukhi, the teen star who actually was about thirty

Gaurav Mukhi, the teen star who actually was about thirty
Gaurav Mukhi received the award for youngest scorer in India. But it was found to have 12 More years. PHOTO:

Gaurav Mukhi was with 16 years, the youngest goalscorer in the history of Indian football. But nevertheless, this was a fraud of epic proportions that cost him a suspension, why? that the swain who wore a black mustache and well populated a blond tint in the style of Pato Sosa, had almost 30 years, in particular 28.

In October 2018,Gaurav Mukhi  He scored a goal withJamshedpur FC in the draw against Bengaluru FC. Which made somewhat after the match received theaward for the youngest goalscorer in India.  Something that shocked much to see his face, Tanned enough even to have less than 30 and more of a parent than a kid 16 years. In fact until you have 28 It could be put in doubt.

Two months later and after investigating the case Mukhi was discovered that had passed the 16 to a few years.  "The Disciplinary Committee of the Football Federation India (AIFF) He imposed a six-month suspension to Jamshedpur FC player Gourav Mukhi with immediate effect”, apparently would have been the player himself revealed who would actually, He was a man of almost thirty years. Who knows if any more.

Gaurav Mukhi
Gaurav Mukhi when scoring the goal. PHOTO: Les Players

In 2015 He allegedly played a tournament 15 years

And it was not the first timeGaurav Mukhiand his bushy mustache was not the first time he cheated. In 2015 He played a U16 tournament claiming age were 15 years. Coincidences of life, the boy was only a year old for three as in 2018 He claimed to have 16. Cacharrera a trap that would seem impossible to happen in professional football but happened in India.

A case similar to the Cachirules and with some similarity to that of Ali Dia 

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