Euro 2020 It will be in several countries

The UEFA Executive Committee, met yesterday in Lausanne, announced that the European Championship 2020 It will be based in several cities on the European continent and not in one country or a joint bid between several countries.. The idea, launched by the body's president Michel Platini in June, has taken shape and only Turkey has been against it. While, the Euro 2016 will be held in France.

The 23 March 2013 The site selection process will begin and the final decision will be made in the spring of 2014. “We don't know how many cities or which countries yet”, Secretary General Gianni Infantino said. further, the English Federation has already proposed that the final be played at Wembley Stadium.

The initiative will be carried out exceptionally to celebrate the 60 anniversary of the birth of the European Championship and with the slogan EURO for Europe. “We want there to be many parties throughout Europe, instead of it being a party in a single country”, sentenced Infantino.

Platini's new objective is a Champions with 64 teams

Yesterday the extension that Michel Platini intends to make in the Champions League was not discussed. The idea of ​​the head of UEFA is to increase the number of participants in the Champions League. A) Yes, would pass from 32 teams that currently exist 64. It would be a measure to adopt in 2014 and that would be launched a year later, in 2015. This initiative, if it finally happens, It would completely change the Champions League and could cause the disappearance of the Europa League, although that is not yet certain.

This new measure has not finished convincing some. Wenger, for example, dice: “I'm not convinced at all because the competition already has audience problems in the group stage. I think it can generate more problems and reduce the level of football”.

Julio Muñoz

Julio Muñoz

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