The great promises of world football

Who are the great promises of world football? Full dispute in the U 20 from Turkey, Hanging by the Football check out the most dazzling young people who exist in a field of any part of the planet. Its quality, his physical strength and ability to stand out from many other players to make them follow it is expected that the medium to long term are the icons of world football.

The great promises of world football

1- Jesús Corona: their 20 years, is not dared to say that “the Tecatito” It is possibly the best end of its category. Quick, with overflow, Dodge and a touch of creativity that makes it great, Espericueta shape with the base of Mexico should break the jinx accompanying big events. Champion of the world sub 17, non-renewal of Monterrey will serve to make the leap to Europe this summer. The doubt: Twente, Borussia Dortmund, Lazio or Juventus. Wherever you go triumph, because it's very good.

2- André Gomes: Pearl on which to base Benfica to lift the curse that prevents him win European competitions since the end of Bern against Barcelona in the years 60. Spectacular defensive duties with great capacity for sacrifice, to steal balls and put pressure on the opponent, this organizer midfielder creative work can also take a nice touch and go long. And if that was not enough, his fitness allowed to reach the area with ease. André Gomes es un jugador “total”, a kind of Ruben Baraja O Xabi Alonso to whom taking it from Benfica is worth it 45 million euros due to renovation until 2018.

3- Paul Pogba: with 20 years, This Frenchman who was already at Manchester United is a cornerstone in the latter Juventus won Scudetto. Long haul, It is as effective in defensive duties as offensive. This has led him to be an absolute blue international and to compare him with the great Patrick Vieira. Its projection seems endless, as well as their physical strength, He knows how to move the ball very well and has easy to see door thanks to its excellent shot from medium and long distance.

4- Nicolas Lopez: Uruguay may be quiet in the attack while they are Forlán, Suarez or Cavani in their ranks. And if that was not enough, there is a Rabbit, one Lopecito stomping coming from behind and he has a special gift: write down everything that touches ball. a header, KILLER who has no problem in defining the opposite door to the ease of the best strikers. A genius than his 19 years is already in the AS Roma, where he debuted replacing Totti and scoring a goal in his first speech. The future looks his.

5- Mist: their 19 years, Sporting Lisbon finally has a new Ronaldo O Nani. One end of Guinea origin with a blistering pace and a huge power. An interesting player who also has the backing of seeing goal with relative ease. Indispensable as the first team, It will be a matter of time to come to the call of the national team Lusa.

6- Juan Fernando Quintero: this Colombian was one of the architects of his country won the Sudamericano sub 20 last February. In fact, He was chosen the best player of the tournament. Steering wheel ability to put the ball where he wants, You know destroy and create equally. And very large parts. Property Pescara, this summer is the new signing from Porto has paid 10 million for. One of the great stars of world football and a player who explode with Colombia in the World Cup. Have no doubt. It is a magician, Iniesta and it is not magnify. It's the pure reality.

7- Bryan Rabello: We are talking about a special player to your 19 years. Chilean, but also Polish and Italian passport was one of the stars of Chile in the last sub Sudamericano 20. A means of creation that should be the reference Sevilla next year, which must show its enormous class and ability to make his teammates play.

8- Marco Verratti: midfielder 20 years, is already a part coveted as evidenced by the fact that belongs to one of the clubs more projection: PSG. Last Finalist Euro Cup Sub 21 In Israel, This is the midfielder who can play the ball and bites when to do it. A must for any good team terrain.

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