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The best football ads

The best football ads
The best football ads.

Advertising gets things that sometimes seem impossible. Mobilize a swollen lack of faith in the face of a comeback that seems impossible. Getting generate exciting debates in the streets among fans or make a player a supreme being able to do incredible things with the ball. Atletico Madrid, Bayern, Boca Juniors, there have been many teams that have relied on advertising to get to advertise your product. In Hanged For Football, We see the best ads of football history:

1- Papa, Why are the Atleti? Atletico box is one of the most unique ensembles in the world. Sufridores like nobody, there were not so glorious times when it really was questionable whether it was worth suffering so much. It looks like it is, now living moments of success, both in Spain and Europe.

2- Copa America 2011 It was played in Argentina. What better way to do that Argentine sports channel TYC seize the cause to make a collection of virtues of his countrymen. Humor, wit and grace, very funny.

3- Again, Argentina, this time with Quilmes. patriot honor with spectacular images of performances of the albiceleste in different matches. Maradona, Crespo and virtually all national stars who have worn the national jersey on an ad that puts the willies.

4- The devil, No god. It was a targeted words beyond to the Argentine people. Irony pure.

5- Waking up on a Monday after winning 14 years after the eternal enemy, worth. And if you're athletic, Even better.

6- Davids, Figo, Guardiola, Henry, Van Gaal, they all had a mission special orders to Nike. Finally, They seemed to get.

7- It was a war from before, only instead of warriors, there were players like Beckham, Roberto Carlos or Totti. The award, Pepsi.

8- The 7 from Spain, Beckham Pepsi again and again with Nike. It was a fight between Manchester and Real Madrid who moved to the bitter Westers Almeria.

9- Premiered at the World 1998 France, we see the canarinha display his magic on the premises of an airport. Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Denilson…all major Brazilian figures at that time are present in this campaign. Even Eric Cantona makes a cameo appearance as a passenger of an airplane.

10- Eric Cantona became a true showman with these ads Joga Bonito Nike launched back in 2006, near the start of World Cup. This was one of the best, Ronaldinho at his best footballing days as the main protagonist, imitating the filigrees that made small.

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