Spanish Liga BBVA: of the “League of stars” a “the escape of stars”

Spanish Liga BBVA: of the “League of stars” a “the escape of stars”
Cristiano and Messi.

La Liga returns to one year stand as one of the most powerful in the world, although not as much as before. The severe economic crisis in Spain has caused a general debt in virtually all computers have barely been able to make flashy signings with the exception of Madrid and Barcelona. Thus, the league has gone from the league of stars to escape the stars. And that have been Falcao, Llorente, Negredo, Soldier, Pellegrini, Navas, Higuaín, Albiol, Mourinho, Iago Aspas and so a large number that barely offset by the arrival of the emerging Falcao.

Nonetheless, lthe 20 First Division teams will look for 38 You happen to the Barcelona conference on the throne of champion. The format of the competition keeps its usual four-seater granting Champions (for the first three directly) and three of Europa League ( the fifth and sixth place, more Cup champion King).

Under, three declines formula for the three worst ranked are maintained automatically, to be replaced by the top two in the Liga Adelante, plus the winner of the play-off for promotion to play in the third to the sixth-ranked Second.

New San Mamés replaces the old field of the same name.
New San Mamés replaces the old field of the same name.


The Spanish League as opposed to most European leagues renowned rejects the joint sale of rights allowing each negotiating team for their own way. This creates enormous economic differences between the two great ocean liners of the Spanish football (Real Madrid and Barcelona) and other equipment. Divergences logically move to the field, where the two institutions struggle you to you to show who is the strongest.

The problem has reached such a point that many clubs that threaten to create a parallel league in order to avoid insulting the domain of Real Madrid and Barcelona. As you can see in the chart below, the two takes 140 million per year for TV rights. In a second step as far away Valencia and Atletico Madrid are placed with 45 million euros each. From there, differences dwindle but so inadequately that even 14 League teams fail to overcome 20 millions of euros.

all, logically it translates into a lack of competitiveness where viewers are most affected. And is that how far it is profitable to see win after thrashing of the two great ocean liners of the Spanish football?

So some years the television distribution in Europe.
So some years the television distribution in Europe.


The Spanish League has become in recent years in a dogfight Madrid-Barcelona that will continue in the season 2013-2014. And what's worse, the hand to hand as hopelessly accentuate the great are bigger and the middle class is disappearing in the image that Spanish society. We discuss one by one the favorites of the First Division:

Barcelona: Vilanova went and has been the Tata Martino. The idea, but nevertheless, should not vary. Touch, possession, and processing goal. Not Villa, Abidal and Thiago either, but in return is Neymar, the major signing of the summer and the man who should form the front best of the world with Leo Messi. As defending champion is the favorite, because its essence is kept outside and indoors. His great handicap is fatigue and over the years of basic items such as Xavi or Puyol. However, If not repeat the failures of the past year, as the absence of rotations, It has many ballots to win. Forecast: champion.

Real Madrid: Mourinho is no longer and thereby the many problems vanish costume that was last season. Instead, Ancelotti arrives and two gems like Isco and Ilarramendi. The Malaga can mark a before and after in the club to just give him minutes because it has quality to give and take and. However, the project should turn on Casillas stops (if it holds) and goals from Ronaldo. If no part as the favorite is for two serious obstacles: the potential lack of adaptation to the start and the absence of a goal, it has only one 9 pure, Benzema, the “which is to go hunting with cats, No dogs”. Forecast: runner-up.

Atletico Madrid: although it might seem that this year the team is weaker by the absence of Falcao, the reality is different. Villa, Batiptao form a lethal pair may be the ideal complement to Diego Costa. With Courtois in goal and the security offered by a conductor like this Atlético Simeone is clear favorite to be third. Forecast: third.

Real society: Ilarramendi is not your supporter, Montanier, but still the team has been strengthened by Joseba Llorente and Seferovic. His big problem may be the accumulation of matches. Normally, such equipment pays tolls very expensive to play in Europe. Forecast: Middle area.

Valencia: without Soldado, but Postiga and Djukic, Valencia continues to lose potential top speed. The direction of the team will be defined in the first five days you. If you start well, You can fight for fourth place. If things start bad beginning, the supporters will against Valencia and will fight to avoid relegation. So clear. Forecast: fourth.

Real Betis: Pepe Mel's have lost Beñat, Cañas Campbell, but they should still have enough potential to keep pace with the head. Jorge Molina, Ruben Castro are sufficient framework to avoid problems in addition be up with the best game of the First. Forecast: Europa League.

Sevilla: El Nido has had no choice but to get rid of Navas, Negredo, Spahic, Medel or Palop. It has come Gameiro and some other name more quality, but the sad reality looms. Sevilla hardly played Europe this coming year. Forecast: Middle area.

Villarreal CF: newly promoted, This is not just any team, is a exsemifinalista of Champions and a team with good looking. Asenjo, Pina, De Guzman, Giovanni dos Santos are names that give luster to a very interesting project. He will walk closer to Europe if they do not reach it. Forecast: upper middle area.

Athletic Bilbao: he was the Loco Bielsa and is the sane Valverde. Beñat good offensive proposal as a benchmark to combat the loss of Llorente. Kike Sola and a new San Mames stadium, Europa League play is more than feasible. Forecast: Europa League.

Levante: It will be a team with the seal of Caparrós, which it is already guaranteed to be a hard nut to crack. Embroiled in a final stretch of awful campaign, Levante has signed some players like David Barral interresantes, Xumetra the Nong. The temperate zone should be a position to end of season.

Forecast other teams:

Osasuna: lower middle area.

Granada: lower middle area.

Real Valladolid: Middle area.

RCD Espanyol: Middle area

Getafe: lower middle area.

Málaga: Middle area.

Vallecano Ray: decline.

Celta Vigo: lower middle area.

Almería: decline

Elche: decline.

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