The most expensive signings in the history of football

The most expensive signings in the history of football
Neymar with 222 million euros is now officially the most expensive signing in the history of football. Photo: Twitter PSG in Spanish

As each every year, while small and medium fichando clubs are struggling to survive what they can, generally cost zero, the big draw to return the book to go to the market to break the deck. This, causes the ranking of the most expensive signings in history change each year. However the summer 2017 He has had a break big deck, with the signing of Neymar for PSG by a staggering 222 millions of euros.  Then, we present the most expensive signings in the history of football.

Neymar Jr

Brazilian starred with his father, an expert commission, the saga of the summer. One that has ended Neymar bones in the Paris picture by brutal amount of 222 million euros marking the termination clause Brazilian Neymar and making sure long, the most expensive signing in the history of football

Paul Pogba

Manchester United paid in summer 2016 the chilling figure 120 million thus making the French the most expensive signing in the history of football. A fact quite bloody since the player, He came precisely in the United 2012 almost free of charge to the English club estimate that the French did not measure up to play at Old Trafford. Four years later he returned after a major coup talonario, something with a little confidence could have been avoided.

Pogba in its first stage in the United. Now is the most expensive signing in history.
Pogba in its first stage in the United. Now is the most expensive signing in history.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Florentino paid the not inconsiderable figure of 94 million euros to Manchester United in 2009. The Portuguese has busted all possible numbers and data with the white shirt. As media within the field and off it, It is possibly the image of Real Madrid in recent decades.

Cristiano Ronaldo, the day of his presentation at the Bernabeu.
Cristiano Ronaldo, the day of his presentation at the Bernabeu.

 Gareth Bale

Tottenham said 100, Florentine 91. The truth, It is that the latter figure was the one who finally became an official. Real Madrid broke the market at the time with the signing of Welsh in his first season may not shine at the height of a player so expensive but made a good season. He appeared at key moments to mark fundamental goals as the goal against Barcelona in the Cup final in Valencia or the Champions League final against Atletico. In his second he became booed and questioned by the Bernabeu. It is much more expected of him.

Gonzalo Higuain

The Argentine Higuain broke the summer market 2016 with a multimillion-dollar transfer to Juventus Napoli for nothing more and nothing less than 90 millions of euros. A move that did not sit well to his old hobby.

Higuaín cost between 90 Y 94 Juve million 2016.
Higuaín cost between 90 Y 94 Juve million 2016.


Barcelona initially stated that the signing of the Brazilian had cost 57 millions of euros. A judicial inquiry into alleged irregularities in his transfer and that cost him the resignation of Sandro Rosell, He showed that the player had cost much more, some 86 millions of euros. The player, an idol in Brazil reached Barcelona with very high expectations but his first season at FC Barcelona club I was pretty loose for a player who is much more calls. However he exploded in his second season as FC Barcelona.

Luis Suarez

Uruguay IOL in the World Cup in Brazil 2014 after biting Chillini, his third victim in a few years. this action, It costs him a brutal punishment that met almost strictly debuting in November. Nevertheless, Barca scratched his pocket to disburse the not inconsiderable figure of 81 million euros for a player who carries the blood goal. This was demonstrated in a dream season with a hat-trick included.

James Rodriguez

Colombia and he starred in a move quite high when he changed the Oporto for Monaco. He was the top scorer of the World Cup in Brazil 2014 where his good work made her fall in love Florentino chromium and added to his collection by 80 millions of euros. Almost nothing.  

James the day of his presentation with Real Madrid.
James the day of his presentation with Real Madrid.

 Kevin De Bruyne

The 30 August 2015, almost on the horn of the transfer market this year, Manchester City paid 75 million by the Belgian player who militated in Wolfsburg. The signing surprised given the short tour of the young player at that time in professional football and the excessive price paid for it.

Zinedine Zidane

Florentino Perez is the leader and pioneer in this ranking, since almost all more expensive signings in history are yours. The second one was Zinedine Zidane (the first had been Figo) with which he began building the Real Madrid of the Galacticos. He paid by the French 73 millions of euros (still in pesetas) in the year 2001. The player marked an era and left to remember the goal volley that gave the last Champions for Real Madrid in the 2002. The bald divine is possibly one of the best players in the history of the sport despite the passing years is still in the Top Ten.

Angel Di Maria

Angel Di Maria had become its own merits in one of the most beloved players in the parish of Real Madrid. But the white club, after breaking the deck one more summer with James, She needed cash and room for their new star so she decided to dispense with the Argentine in an operation that is not satisfied or fans, or companions or technical, Carlo Ancelotti. Manchester United took him by 75 millions of euros.

Vermicelli went towards Manchester.
Vermicelli went towards Manchester.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Swedish possibly try one of the best players in the world today and is also one of the best paid. However his spell at Barcelona was a fiasco and the Catalan club prodded precipitously in hiring. In the shadow of Florentino and his two signings stars, Barcelona enlisted in its ranks Swedish in 2009 the not inconsiderable figure of 70 MEURO. The adventure lasted one season and was undersold to Milan if he did business selling PSG last season.

Raheem Sterling

The young Englishman hard tackles the Top Ten with his move to Manchester City. The powerful team of Manchester has paid a whopping 68 million euros to Liverpool for one of the jewels of English football. With this transfer, the player becomes the most expensive transfer of an English player in history and the second most expensive in the history of the Premier after Di Maria.


Kaka arrived at Real Madrid in the 2009 with Cristiano Ronaldo after marveling at AC Milan. Florentine, he brought the Brazilian star by 65 million euros bringing together two of the best players of the moment. The result could not be worse as the Brazilian barely contributed nothing to Real Madrid and finally given back to Milan, years after paying a fortune for it. A full-blown fiasco.

Possibly, worst signing in the history of Real Madrid.
Possibly, worst signing in the history of Real Madrid.


Other high-profile signings

Edinson Cavani

Cavani was an idol in Naples until the arrival of Rafa Benitez decided strengthened with players like Callejón, Mertens and Higuain. In exchange of 64 millions of euros, the Italian club, He decided to output which was one of the best players of the time which puts him in tenth position players more expensive.

Luis Figo

 In the year 2000, Florentino Perez inaugurated its list of Galacticos with the signing of the Portuguese by 10.000 million pesetas, 60 million current. In one case it sounded very, Florentino stole his star to Barcelona on the fast track, pulling talonario, something very common in two stages at Real Madrid. The result was very good both individually and collectively for the club but the Portuguese became persona non grata in Barcelona after succumbing to the power of money Florentino.

Radamel Falcao

The Colombian took him to Monaco 60 million euros in one of the most notorious transfers of recent times. The dream team of the Principality make a joint dream and Colombia is one of the cornerstones of this project. After Neymar, James and Kaka, South America is the fourth by which more money has been paid

Fernando Torres

 The child Torres, He blunted very young at Atletico Madrid. It was his star for a long time until he was recruited by a handful of millions for Liverpool. a Anfield, the child burst the rival goals which made Chelsea take out the checkbook and recruited in 2011. The London club paid almost 60 million euros to the Liverpool striker who scored the goal that gave Spain the final of the Euro 2008. The truth that Torres did not do very well at the beginning and do not justify the amount paid for their services, but the arrival of Rafa Benitez 2013 he managed to activate. In the summer of 2014 He left for AC Milan.

Fernando Torres has struggled to keep up with Chelsea
Torres did not win at Chelsea.


Brazilian Hulk boasts his name by his Herculean body resembling that of the green giant purple pants swarming around comics. Zenit St Petersburg paid 55 million euros in the summer of 2012 by taking the services of this powerful striker who had made such good numbers in Oporto. The Russian team so far has not managed to stand out in Europe despite the investment.

Hernán Crespo

Valdanito Crespo as he was called, highlighted earlier in the century we find that as an excellent scorer. With a goalscoring demolishing, Argentina was one of the best scorers of the time, a fact that led Lazio to pay 55 million in the 2000 to have their services. It did not go well with the Roman club as he signed a lot of players of prestige for big money but never came to fruition and led the club as far as desired.

Gianluigi Buffon

Italian goalkeeper, the best in the world for a long time was transferred from Parma (who made several impressive sales during that time) to the club he still belongs, Juventus. This happened in the 2001 and the amount is the largest paid by a porter. Juve paid 54 million for one of the best goalkeepers in history.

Buffon sounded staged a signing at the time.
Buffon sounded staged a signing at the time.
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