Ambidextrous Best Soccer Players in History

Ambidextrous Best Soccer Players in History
Wesley Sneijder hit the ball with both legs with great precision. PHOTO:

Who are they The best ambidextrous footballers in history? We are talking about a "rare bird" in the world of football, the ambidextrous players. This endangered species able to hit the ball left or right with equal effectiveness. Some, the best even confuse viewers about what is his good leg for handling the ball is marked with both feet. Let's remember some of the most notorious cases of players capable of hitting with the 2 legs.

Ambidextrous Best Soccer Players in History

1- Andreas Brehme: a myth of the German team with which he won the World 1990 thanks to a penalty released him with his leg "bad", the right. Left side, its versatility with both legs was such that it was difficult to know which of them would release those long-distance missiles that made him so dangerous to opposing goalkeepers. Strong, seasoned, is considered as the best ambidextrous footballer in history.

2- Pedro Rodriguez: the canary was one of the innovations that Guardiola joined his team in the season 2008-09. Arrival and end with a lot of great sacrifice in defense, one of its main features in their ability to finish with both legs despite being theoretically right-handed.

3- Marc Overmars: Who does not remember that extreme legendary Dutch Ajax, Arsenal and Barcelona? Fast lefty full of overflow, as soon as he could see haggle down the left wing or the right. Its only drawback, the lack of scoring. He did not manage to succeed at Barça.

4- Anderson Hernanes: the Brazilian midfielder is one of the footballers known for hitting the ball equally with both legs.

5- Diego Forlan: The Uruguayan was a "killer" in every sense of the word. Left, right, loose ball, finishing ball. This led him to be the top scorer in the League, of the World Cup and being a star of almost all the teams in which he was.

6- Wesley Sneijder : his specialty was free-kicks with his right leg. But, However, short game, the first touch and orientation changes as soon as the left can do that with the right hand. Something lacking in fitness, if i had, would have become one of the greats of football.

7- Carlos Salcido: He is one of those footballers with a history that leaves no one indifferent. life factory worker earned, Carpenter and sought unsuccessfully cross the US border illegally. After, he devoted himself to football and embroidered, especially because he played as a left back but was also a midfielder, central or interior thanks to an excellent right leg.

8- Luis García: the playmaker who had his moments of glory in Liverpool was a specialist in scoring important goals, partly because he had the gift of opportunity because of its excellent ability to kill off left or right with similar efficiency.

9- Paolo Maldini: service excellence football. 20 year career with many races left wing, right up to the central. Elegance personified knew the ball played out on both sides with similar success. One of the ‘One Club Men‘ more famous.

10- Paul Nevdev: The Lion of Prague won the Ballon d'Or in 2003 ease thanks to handle the leather with both legs. Elegant, technical and quarrelsome when the occasion demanded their football is considered high voltage in a country traditionally given to give good players. Pavel Nedved was finalist of the Euro 1996 and key player in the successful Juventus in the new millennium.

Other ambidextrous players

Cristiano Ronaldo, Farinós, Santi Cazorla…

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  1. Totally agree with this ranking. There are other rankings currently put quye players like Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo as ambidextrous, but actually an ambidextrous is not who hits it with both feet and ready, He is the player who has ball control with both, you can drag the ball with both over long distances, the fact that others do not know whether you're right or left is what characterizes most ambidextrous, because you hit and drive the same way both legs, Brehme remember as spectacular defense and Overmars was also remarkable handling.

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