Manchester United en 2021: The team that nobody understands

Manchester United en 2021: The team that nobody understands
Manchester United is a very irregular team.

The premier league in the current season 2020/21 it's been hard to predict.

Some experts would have believed that reigning champion Liverpool, that last season got the title with a difference of 18 points, I would be struggling at this stage of the competition. In fact, all the teams a Manchester City exception they seem good one week and terrible the next.

And then there is Manchester United. In theory the team is doing quite well, United are second in the Premier league, even with a chance to win the FA Cup and are favorites to win the Europa League 2021 according to the probabilities of Mr Green sports betting. That all sounds great to United fans., but there is something that nobody can figure and is if this is a good or bad team. Clear, it can be argued that the results don't lie. And United's position suggests they are a very good team.. United recently won a match with a 9-0 and they can also be backed up with superb results against teams like Paris Saint Germain or RB Leipzig in this champions league season..

United shows itself in moments

But there is more to say about United. This is a team that seems to live by the minute. They may be having a poor match for 80 minutes, and suddenly get into the game with big goals. No other team in the Premier than United has come from losing positions to ultimately winning matches - 7 matches won coming from behind this season. It's like they change a chip and the team clicks.

Perhaps the problem is that the team is made up of players who can shine individually - Paul Pogba, Bruno Fernandes, Marcus Rashford, Edinson Cavani. The latter have produced the result for United on several occasions, scoring important goals when the team performs poorly. Based on that, Critics have pointed to a lack of unity on the pitch that hides behind the fact that there are great stars on the pitch.

In summary, what we are saying is that United is less as a team and more like a collection of individual players. It's hard to say if we return to see some of the best performances this season, but there are reasons for this statement.

Fernandes looks tired

In fact, if we look at recent games in which United have had poor performances (they have only been able to win 2 of his last 8 clashes in the first) you can see that they have suffered because their star players have not been able to shine. Pogba and Cavani missed much of February due to injuries, while Rashford and Fernandes appear to be fatigued after having played a large number of games in the busy winter period..

Manchester United Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer United technician.

Maybe the fault lies with coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. The Norwegian has received both praise and criticism alike this season, but we wonder how fans will feel if the results continue like this for the rest of the season.

United fans can turn to their neighbors, Manchester City, and see a team that combines individual stars with harmony on the court and hard work. City will win the premier league this season thanks to all those attributes. The best United can hope for is second place, maybe the lesson is that living in moments can win games, but not championships.

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