Melilla 1- Levante 0: The lift is complicated life Cup

Levante UD overcomplicated their qualification for the round of 16 of the Copa del Rey by losing in the first leg of the third round by 1-0 thanks to a solitary goal from Velasco. The granotas who played the game with many casualties fell into the excess of relaxation that had worried Juan Ignacio Martínez so much in the previous hours.

In fact, the first opportunities were from the locals, that they had their best man in the former Levantine Chota. But nevertheless, it would not be until the minute 38 when Melilla was going to score the victory goal. A clear foul inside the area by Nikos on Velasco was sanctioned with a penalty by the match referee, of the big hill. Velasco himself would be in charge of scoring the maximum penalty and thus taking the game to rest.

In the second half, Levante tried to react timidly, especially after the just expulsion of Carlos David that left the people of Melilla at an inferiority. But neither Michel first, Not even afterwards did Martins succeed in scoring the chances they had, leaving the tie with everything to be decided at the Nou Estadi.

Tough challenge that Levante will face, What do you have in the Cup?, a competition with a very favorable path to do something important, with permission yes, of the great Atlético de Madrid.

Julio Muñoz

Julio Muñoz

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