Girona-Barcelona in Miami is in the air

Girona-Barcelona in Miami is in the air
Infantino, Pedro Sánchez and Rubiales met in Moncloa. PHOTO:

It is complicated and much the match between Girona and Barcelona Laliga US wants to take the next 26 from January. According to the newspaper Brandthe Spanish Federation of hand Luis Rubiales, Infantino FIFA and the Spanish Government itself, They considered out of place and inappropriate dispute of that meeting in American lands.

The reason is none other than political.Pedro Sánchez, Prime Minister of Spain, Gianni Infantino, FIFA president andLuis Rubiales RFEF president, They met at Moncloa to address this issue. According to Brand, dince Moncloa ensure that the three parties agreed on together, for several reasons, which it is neither the time nor the ways of celebrating this match as well.

Apparently one of the reasons would be the possible impact that this party independence abroad would mean for both teams Catalans, other adulteration of the competition by moving the stage and other business go against Thebes imposed by the LFP. No final decision yet, the intention of all these classes is to ban the celebration party in the US.

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