Paco Lopez, the triumph of modest coach

Paco Lopez, the triumph of modest coach
The Ciutat surrendered at the feet of the hero granota. A man who has made history. The triumph of the modest coach. PHOTO: Twitter / @ levantefans1909

Domingo 4 de marzo de 2018. Leo Baptistão marks Espanyol draw against Levante at the minute 93. The sum granota box 21 points, and adds 15 matches without knowing the victory. To make matters worse, They came to lose 2 and a half days before Alaves also to the minute 91. An impotent crowd watches as his team is in freefall and pessimism reigns in the environment. Juan Ramon Lopez Muniz's rise technician, It is stopped after being unable to get reacting the team. At that time they did not know granotas, but the goal Espanyol player was the best thing was going to happen this year Levante, the club decided to go up to Paco Lopez, granota former player and coach subsidiary, to the first team.

Month and a half after the world has totally changed in the Ciutat de Valencia and much of the blame lies with a coach whose record had modest experience in football and subsidiaries Villarreal, Valencia and Levante own. A man called if or otherwise not out of chair (Valencia), I would put the altars by the press following the great. But it does not need, los números hablan por si mismos. 8 partidos, 6 victories, 1 tie, 1 defeat, 19 Points of 24 possible and almost the same as Muñiz 19 fewer games. And the lift 40 points, salvado.

It's not just that. He took a depressed team and has become a team that at times, as we saw before Ahtletic and Seville, plays football very well. He changed a defeatist philosophy where Muñiz 11 players spent the game by retreating 7 players always ahead of the ball. The Morales, Campaign, Lukic, White (Muñiz who condemned 20 partidos), Coke, Lerma etc., They have unleashed freedom of Silla.

A coach who has destroyed so that a coach must have experience and name. You just have to have talent, valentía, ability to work and believe in what he does. And that Paco Lopez has shown that it is very good. Normal is that the Levant renovates this week. And that change the pessimism of some sufridores granotas and turn it into optimism was not easy. A breath of optimism for all those coaches who fajan in the modest football every weekend.

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