Scottish Premier League: Celtic once again the favorite

Scottish Premier League: Celtic once again the favorite

a Spanish League without the Real Madrid or imagine without Bundesliga Bayern Munich. No, as well, That same in Scotland with the most successful club administrative decline, el Glasgow Rangers, just make a summer. A bankruptcy led him down into hell Scottish Third Division and Scottish football reconfigure the entire system.

Rangers because the decline did not mean a more. He accounted for the great transatlantic Scottish football with his neighbors Celtic. Gone are the Old Firm (the party of maximum rivalry between the two great) and the league “Scottish”. Welcome to Celtic League. In a tournament where from 1985 (He won the Abeerden) none other than the winner of this old duopoly is known, it becomes difficult to think that the league will escape in the coming years the Catholic city team.

Regarding the format remains that of recent seasons. The league is divided into two phases: In the first, 12 members teams play three rounds of 11 parties to complete 33 encounters in total. In those games all face against all three times. A home, another visitor and depending on the draw last calendar, although it is considering various shades, including performances in recent seasons, in order to achieve a fairer league. In this way, some teams may play more home games than others.

Once the first phase, the top six vying five meetings between them, to complete 38 matches. Champion out by adding the points of the first and second phase. Under, the situation is similar, since the last six disputed five matches including, where the team will descend.

In no case, a team contesting the play-off for the descent can outperform a group fighting for the title but the most points at the end of the season by adding the two phases. This situation leads to strange situations cause, as is the fact that the seventh-ranked can finish Rated the fourth because of a dispute last five games theoretically easier ( the case of Inverness and Hibernian season 2005-06).

Champion Scottish Premier League direct access to the Champions, while the second placed dispute the previous round. The third and fourth place, like the Champion Cup, Access the Europa League.

As for the decline, only lowers a team that is replaced by the winner of the Scottish First Division. yes, the club amounting must meet certain requirements if you want to join the elite of Scottish football, such as having a stadium with security conditions and adequate capacity.

One of the most important rules of the Scottish league is that three younger Scottish players 21 years should play every weekend on each computer. The measure aims to encourage the arrival to the elite level of Scottish footballers. As usual, still without dorsal named, trademark Scottish Premier League.

Celtic and Rangers have won 99 of the 117 suspenders.
Celtic and Rangers have won 99 of the 117 suspenders.

TV rights

terminated 2002 the famous rule 11+1 granting veto power to Rangers and Celtic, League television rights acquired jointly. Initially, the rights were sold for about 80 million pounds to Sky Sports and ESPN, but the demotion Rangers, and the expected lack of interest in the league has caused the distribution of television revenue is pending further review.

Scottish League in no dorsal.
Scottish League in no dorsal.


There is no doubt that the winner of the Scottish Premier League Celtic Glasgow will. With the Rangers, Second Division, the only emotion lie in the draw for Cup and League Cup offers the possibility of reviving a traditional year “Old Firm” every year. Since 1985 has not won a club outside Glasgow (the Abeerden Ferguson) and 117 editions, 99 The Rangers have won or Celtic. So that, You think of a different winner of Catholics it becomes impossible.

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