What teams will play the Champions 2013-14 which will host the final Lisboa?

What teams will play the Champions 2013-14 which will host the final Lisboa?
What teams will play the Champions 2013-14?

Nearly complete season 2012-13 it's time to find out which teams will make up the next Champions 2013-14 Lisbon which will host the final. We know that there 22 places in the group stage which is accessed directly from 13 European leagues, the most representative, all told:

– 9 places for the top three finishers in the top three leagues coefficient: England, Spain and Germany.
– 6 places for the top two of three leagues in the ranking: Italy, Portugal and France.
– 7 places for the Champions League the following: Russia, Holland, Ukraine, Greece, Turkey, Belgium and Denmark, the latter accessed directly after the space reserved defending champion becomes vacant for being finalists already qualified for their League (Bayern and Borussia).

The 10 remaining places that make up the group stage of the Champions League will be decided after several previous phases played by the champions of the remaining leagues and the following rated among the best leagues. Having said all this, in Colgados for football we present the most important teams that will contest the next Champions:


– Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico and Real Sociedad / Valencia


Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea y Arsenal / Tottenham


Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Bayern Leverkusen y de Schalke 04


Juventus, Naples and Milan


PSG, Olympique Marsella y Olympique Lyon


Ajax y PSV Eindhoven


CSKA Moscow and Zenit St. Petersburg


Port, Y beneficial Hall Ferreira




Fenerbahce, Galatasaray y



What teams will play the Champions 2013-14?
What teams will play the Champions 2013-14?

For the group stage we have several classified, and including some already they know that Iran seeded in Pot 1 by its coefficient, remember that every hype go 8 teams: So we know that will be in the hype 1: Barcelona, Bayern, Real Madrid and Manchester Utd.

They are also classified but not knowing yet that occupy hype depending on the rest of classified finally to the group stage played after previous:

– Borussia Dortmund, I would go to hype 1 if he wins the Champions, if not surely be on the hype 3.
– Porto and Benfica, earrings which teams qualify for the Premier, Champion of Champions and if Benfica win the Europa League, in principle they would go to hype 1 but some of them could go to the hype 2.
– Shakhtar Donetsk of Ukraine, possibly in 2, with remote possibility of entering the 1.
– El Paris Saint Germain, I could also go in the 2, and even in the 3.
– Juventus, at 2 can go to 3.
– Greek Olympiakos, between the hype 3 Y 4.
– Bayer Leverkusen, probably in the 4 with possibilities of entering the 3.


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