Real Madrid 2- Barcelona 1: the worst classic of all

Real Madrid 2- Barcelona 1: the worst classic of all

Real Madrid won 2-1 to Barcelona in the worst classic of all to date. It was a rare encounter, atypical, with the sun dazzling the grass, with two teams that hardly played anything. One for being virtual champion, and another for thinking about other competitions. A game where Real Madrid started scoring in the minute 5 thanks to a goal from Benzema who took advantage of a great pass from Morata and the parsimony of the culé defense to beat Valdés.

A goal that served to overtake the madridistas and to show that the Blaugrana defensive line continues to make water, as evidenced by the fact of having fit in during 14 consecutive matches. And a bit that was worth to spur the visitors, in the 18 they tied with a goal from Messi, who took deep advantage of a good pass from Thiago, substitute for Xavi. A goal, that allowed the Argentine to be the player who has scored the most goals in a classic, tied with another legend like Di Stefano.

From there, anxiety and horror. Barcelona played and played until despair, maybe because Messi is more a problem than a solution, by making there not 9 in the countryside (this absurd fashion will pass) and that there is hardly any scoring capacity, and Madrid fell back as a small team expecting one against a Ronaldo that came out in the second half, but he did not have this opportunity to face the door.

Only one last goal from Sergio Ramos served to unbalance the balance and give Madrid a new triumph and a new breakdown to Barcelona, who will have to think about changing the formula of Coca-Cola and playing as always was done: with a center forward. He has it in Villa, but he uses it to the extreme. shame.

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