Silly goal of the day comes from England

Silly goal of the day comes from England
The forward celebrates the goal and the defender laments but the ball has not yet entered (Photo: Capture WFC TV)

There is no doubt that the most curious play of the weekend is going to be the one that occurred in the English fifth division match and that has faced Woking and Macclesfield.

In the minute 94 and with 2-2 the score, the visitors hung ball area and the opponent after a couple of head extensions, Tyrone Marsh finished beating the local goalkeeper. The striker celebrated both defense and Woking, Joey Jones, He lamented. Everything was normal except for one detail: the ball had entered due to mud accumulated in the small area.

Luckily for Mcclesfield, Whitehead continued his player close and managed to drive the ball into the back of the net to get the win for his team. This move is clear that we should not turn your back on the ball until you know for sure if you have entered the goal, something you will not forget the central Woking after seeing images.

Javi Argudo

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