Football and casinos: a close relationship

Fútbol y casinos: una estrecha relación
Gerard Piqué a poker lover. Photo:

Last update 13 March, 2024 por Alberto Llopis

Soccer is a sport that has formed perfect symbiosis with various sectors, among them that of the casinos. No hay duda de que este deporte y el mundo del juego han estado relacionados en multitud de ocasiones y en diferentes escenarios y sitios seguros en línea.

There is nothing more than taking a look at the list with the best casinos in Spain to realize the close relationship that these two fields have maintained throughout history. A continuación, we put some examples of this that we comment.

Footballers who have one of their great hobbies in the casino

Aparentemente, soccer players seem to be people immersed in a parallel bubble, but it's not like that. Footballers share hobbies like those of any other person who dedicates himself to another profession, and among them is, obviously, the casino.

Surely on more than one occasion we have been able to see on television, social networks or press the image of a recognized player playing poker or other type of game in a casino.

One of the loudest cases is that of James Maddison. The English Leicester midfielder has long demonstrated his predilection for going to casinos and having fun there. Mario Balotelli has also made this facet of his life public at other times.

Other known names such as Neymar or Gerard Piqué have expressed their passion for poker, frequenting casinos where large events related to this discipline have been organized.

Advertising as a connecting link

Sin duda, Advertising has been an important link between casinos and football teams around the world..

Without going further, In Spain clubs of the prestige of Real Madrid have maintained a sponsorship relationship with large casino chains. It's more, La Liga, one of the most prestigious competitions in the world, has done the same.

Al final, as we mentioned at the beginning of this article, football and casinos have traveled, and they keep doing it, a path together that goes far beyond mere sports bets or details of the game.

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