Switzerland: the best generation in its history before his biggest challenge

Switzerland: the best generation in its history before his biggest challenge

Best known as a tax haven or its chocolates that their football, this small Central European country is presented in Brazil with an interesting mix of young talent and players with international experience. It will be his third consecutive world and have no other purpose than to try to pass the group stage. Without any pressure or obligation have the opportunity to enjoy and keep growing.

The Swiss team cherishes quality and experience alike in all lines. Led by the prestigious Ottmar Hitzfeld from the bench, the vast majority of players defend the colors of top clubs on the continent. Tranquilo Barnetta(Shalke 04), Goekha Inler, Berhami y Dzemaili (Naples), Philippe Senderos( Valencia), or goalkeeper Diego Benaglio, Bundesliga champions Wolfsburg with 2009, Tanned players in Arabian battles. To this we must add the spectacular experience of young generation with which account; Xherdan Saquiri (Bayern Munich),Granit Xhaka ( Borussia Monchengladbach), Stocker y archipelago (Basel) o Seferovic (Real society), they bring freshness, quality and talent.

Alpine selection has been lucky in the draw, As it was in qualifying after falling into the weakest group. An important goal tipped the balance in his favor at the expense of Italy when deciding seedings. Switzerland succeeded and "Azzura" will face two other world champions in their group. Enjoying his status as top seed he was fitted with France, Ecuador and Honduras, one of the weakest groups Championship. If the river continues its course will be played in the second round being with Ecuador.

Switzerland is presented in the World Cup in Brazil as unseeded.
Switzerland is presented in the World Cup in Brazil as unseeded.


Ottmar Hitzfeld: Their curriculum supports him. European champion with Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund in record time. Undoubtedly one of the great coaches who will be in Brazil 2014.

Mediapuntas line: Switzerland bases its game on the scheme fashion, the 4-2-3-1. Precisely that line of three players acting behind the front center is the key to this team. Three young footballers, with great talent and a terrible desire to succeed. It born in that area of ​​the Swiss football and the magic begins. Jaca crea, Shaquiri overflows, Stocker surprise with their opportunism. Great future in the ranks of Switzerland.

Luxury bench: In principle they start as alternate men of the stature of Barnetta, Ziegler, Senderos, Dzemaili y Seferovic. Swiss watch has precision parts on the bench waiting for his chance.

points weak:

tropical headquarters: This section lady luck has turned its back. Two of the three initial matches are played in cities with extreme weather conditions. Manaus they face off against Honduras and El Salvador will see them with France. The first of them, Manaos, It will be especially hard to find in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. Tropical climate, 95% relative humidity and temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius. Prepare to sweat because these are the real rivals Switzerland.

Descendants of immigrants: It has recently approved a law in Switzerland that violates the policies of the European Union. the entry of workers from other states be prevented because of the flood of immigrants because of the economic crisis. What you have this to do with football?. Rather little, but the Swiss team is full of children of immigrants. Just 3 men are 100% Swiss, Steve von Bergen, Reto Ziegler and Michael Lang. It seems that other players will not have major problems to continue defending the Swiss cross and contest the World, but we have to wait for the final decision of the law and study the personal situation of each player.

offensive reference: Of the 17 goals scored in qualifying only 3 led firm front. As if that were not enough, Haris Seferovic does not enjoy enough minutes in the Royal Society and when has left many doubts. Faced with this problem, Hitzfeld already seriously think about Josep Drmic or Mario Gavranovic as leaders of the team. The scorers of Nuremberg and Zurich respectively have clear choices become the striker holder in Brazil, especially the first.


Swiss alignment

His trainer:

Ottmar Hitzfeld veteran head to Switzerland in Brazil.
Ottmar Hitzfeld veteran head to Switzerland in Brazil.

Great conductor, This German teacher in math rose 4 years, two Champions League with different sets. In 1997 He did with Borussia Dortmund and 2001 Bayern Munich. Was the second to get it behind only the great Ernest Happel, although it did in many fewer years. He took the reins of the Swiss team after Euro 2008 and after six years in office he has put expiry date to his tour.

After a long and very successful career full of titles as coach, especially in Germany, retires after participating in the World Cup in Brazil. One of the most prestigious coaches in the last quarter century leaves football, So if a few titles missing in their windows. Will she give tremendous surprise and get one of the few that are missing and possibly the most important? It seems impossible but in football sometimes miracles happen.

Fourth finalist three times in a world. (34,38 Y 50)
World Champion U17 2009.
Currently it ranks 7th in the FIFA ranking.

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