The Battle of Hobbies: Chapter 1-Leganés

The Battle of Hobbies: Chapter 1-Leganés
The Battle of Hobbies, an interesting initiative involving Levante, Alaves and Leganés. PHOTO: Betway

The sponsor of the Levante UD, Alaves and CD Leganés, the House of football betting Betway, He has had an interesting initiative which has called “The Battle of Hobbies”. A contest that will decide who of the three clubs sponsored by Betway, It has the best fans. For it, two representatives from each club will travel for a weekend to live a weekend of football in Leganes, Vitoria and Valencia.

The Battle of Hobbies: Chapter 1

The first stop of this curious competition leads to Leganes where the two representatives of the pepinero team will host the two representatives of Alaves and Levante to serve as hosts in the city and in the stadium. In this first chapter, Sergio and Pablo will host and try to convince us that pepinera hobby is a hobby top Laliga. Both will host the Rachel and Mikel granotas (president of the rocks of the Levante UD) and the babazorros Ander and Ritxi. Together witness in Butarque CD Leganes - FC Barcelona.

If you discover curiosity itches ended this visit to Leganés clicking play on this first chapter of The Battle of Hobbies. If you subscribe to the YouTube channel Betway and leave a comment to vote for the best fans, the best atmosphere and the best host, You can participate until Sunday 16 February at 23,59 hours. If winning result, you'll get a VIP experience for one of the parties of the Leganés, Alaves and Levante.


Next Wednesday the second part: Vitoria

And if you want to see as follows “The Battle of Hobbies”, on Wednesday 19 February, You will see fans of Alaves, Ander and Ritxi, receiving in Vitoria those of the Leganés and Levante can choose another VIP experience with some of the 3 clubs if they vote for the best fans, the best atmosphere and the best hosts.

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