The best football slots

The best football slots

Soccer is such a universal sport, that transcends beyond the playing fields. In fact, we can observe the presence of football in many other sectors or industries, including fashion, advertising, video games and even education.

Another sector in which football has come with force is in the casinos online Y, more concretely, in the slot machine. Many providers of these titles have designed their creations with a football theme, to attract fans of the beautiful game.

This time, we want to review some of the slots most relevant football players in the industry. Each of these games has a series of differentiating elements, but one thing in common with the rest: football.

Top Trumps Football stars: Sporting Legends

The slot machine online Top Trumps Football stars: Sporting Legends is the first title we want to mention. This game has two peculiarities. The first, that uses real images of some of the most important soccer players on the world scene, as, for example: Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Benzema or Lewandoski.

Secondly, the game stands out for its Football Trophy bonus feature, in which the choice of stickers takes center stage. These two elements, along with other aspects of interest, make this football slot machine available in most online gaming portals from Spain.

Football: Champions Cup

Secondly, we want to talk about football: Champions Cup, a title developed by one of the providers of slots most important on the planet: NetEnt. The first differential detail of this soccer game is that it allows you to choose one of the best soccer teams of the planet. Among other, we can choose Spain, Germany, Brazil, England, Portugal or France.

Another notable aspect of Football: Champions Cup is its Penalty Shootout Bonus feature, in which a real penalty shootout takes place, just as it could happen in a soccer World Cup. In this mini game you will have to choose different positions to try to score a goal or stop your opponent's shot and get the different prizes.

Hot Shots

To conclude with our review of the best soccer slots we want to mention Hot Shots from iSoftBet. This title stands out because the protagonists of it are not scorers like MBappe and Haaland, but different animals, who have come together to create a wild World Cup.

Among the characters you will meet in this casino game are a Spanish bull, an english bulldog, a french rooster, a Brazilian jaguar and a Russian bear. Each one of them, besides having its own personality, allows you to get certain types of prizes.


After reviewing some of the football-themed slots available in Spanish casinos, you sure appreciate everything the football industry brings not only within its most direct scope, but to other sectors. It is not surprising, since we are talking about what has been called "King Sport" and that attracts millions of fans around the world.

Either from a small town in Spain, as from a large Asian city or well-known cities such as New York or London, we will continue to hear the ardent fans roar with the goals of their teams, whether done on the field of play or in a slot.

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