The diet of the Barcelona players to the breakdown by the club nutritionist

The diet of the Barcelona players to the breakdown by the club nutritionist
The diet of Barcelona players, critical to performance. PHOTO:
La Liga Española

In such a competitive football as today, every detail is essential footballers. One is feeding. This can make a significant difference in the performance of a player, whereby each club has highly skilled professionals in nutrition to prevent, treat injuries and make the full potential of athletes.

About, the nutritionist FC Barcelona, Maria Antonia Lizarraga, He revealed some details of the diet following players club. Even, He commented how food is leading elite players like Lionel Messi. Lizarraga is a nutritionist at the Catalan club for nine years and, so it has followed the evolution of the main figures of the team.

“At one point in his career, there is a change in your diet for reduce injuries. Often the case that a lot of players who are injured or come from a long injury begin to ask if there are foods that can help them. Following there is usually choose a routine“, He revealed the specialist interview Sport.

further, Lizarraga said that in the case of Messi, and the most experienced footballers, He has learned to distinguish what foods and nutrients help treat or prevent injury, so incorporated certain fruits, vegetables or minerals to your daily diet in order to give your body everything it needs to face injury or stroke.

It can be both the case of Messi and other players learn things like that Turmeric is anti-inflammatory or that certain broths can help your injury. The important thing is to assume a Nutritional education to help them in their career”, He emphasized the expert.

Precisely, certain plants or nutrients like turmeric have gained popularity because they are used in the sports arena for its properties. According to the specialist GUIADESUPLEMENTOS, Alejandro González, This plant has other benefits for the body.

The Turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory power. However, also it has anti-cancer properties, anti-microbial and it is a great antioxidant. Turmeric eliminates free radicals and protects the body from diseases aforementioned ", points specialist.

Feeding the players and personal care are important elements that have understood the Professional sportsmen. According to Lizarraga, there are drinks that can help sleep after a football match, so as to ensure the break after a long day.

But said they can not control what the player out of the club, Typically, these follow the diet that provides the institution, They know what makes them good. Of course, each player requires a different diet and develop habits different, such as deciding whether or not to eat before a game.

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