The great gesture Diego, former Atletico Madrid

The great gesture Diego, former Atletico Madrid
The great gesture that had Diego's former Atletico with this girl who helped. Photo: Globe Sports

For their relevance and their impact, especially in younger, Footballers are always more than people in the eyes of the people. Some, live in your bubble and are real divas although most, They are usually closer and humans. This was demonstrated by the Brazilian Diego, former Atletico Madrid with a gesture that was not lost on anyone in the match between Flamengo and Sao Paulo.

The footballer now Flamengo, He jumped into the field of the hand of a girl who needed a ventilator. Diego took the respirator young and slung over his shoulder as he carried her hand and formed during performance of the anthems before the match start. The girl, excited, lawn and walk in front of the full stadium, could enjoy the moment.

A situation that should be as normal but as we said before, sometimes and in some cases, footballers often live in their own world and forget that as normal with small gestures like these, They can help someone to live one of the best moments of his life. Because, the great Diego gesture was not lost on anyone.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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