The hard vida de Cesare Prandelli

The hard vida de Cesare Prandelli
Cesare Prandelli has not had an easy life outside the playing fields. Photo:

Cesare Prandelli will lead to Valencia and will thus become the eighth coach hired by the club 5 seasons. Renowned, Italian adds more teams in his career the past 5 Valencia coaches together. Djukic, Pizzi, Nuno, Neville and Ayestarán together, do not add to the experience of the Italian who led the Azzurri between 2010 Y 2014. But nevertheless, Cesare Prandelli's life has not been easy and away soccer, The Italian has not had much luck. Something like the story of Manolo Preciado wanted and missing.

When I had 16 years, the Italian was an orphan. In 1985 He lived as a player of Juventus Heysel tragedy and still he would suffer what is possibly the hardest blow. Cesare Prandelli and his wife, Manuela, They met when they were teenagers and married in 1982. In 2001, She was diagnosed with breast cancer against which he would fight for several years. In 2004, Italian coach was hired as coach of the Roma but at the worsening health of his wife, he decided to resign and withdraw temporarily from football to care for her.

"She was my priority. I wanted to be with her every minute. Many were surprised by my decision, but for me it was a natural choice. Football sometimes is afraid to normal, "he assured at that time. Manuela died in 2007, although an improvement in his health had allowed Fiorentina Prandelli lead in 2006. Since then, as did the great Manolo Preciado who kissed a picture of his wife before each game, Cesare Prandelli always look to heaven where he hopes to see his wife proudly excellent track record since.

Cesare Prandelli will lead to Valencia.
Cesare Prandelli will lead to Valencia.

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