Maradona shone like nobody has done in San Paolo

Maradona shone like nobody has done in San Paolo
Maradona lifted the passions of San Paolo. PHOTO: Pinterest

Hanging by Football takes us on this occasion to the great St. Paul, House Napoli. inaugurated 6 from December to 1959 a Naples 2-Juventus 1, San Paolo is the third largest stadium in Italy con una capacidad de 65.000 seating, only surpassed by San Siro in Milan and Rome Olympic Stadium. En un principio, capacity was set to 82.000 personas, but safety rules forced this drastic reduction in capacity.

A legendary stadium

There are several important events which hosted this old stadium, as the Mediterranean Games 1963, the European Championship 68 y 80, and especially the World Cup in Italy 90, where the stadium was the scene of some mythical matches. Among them, one Colombia- Cameroon, remembered for ever and ever by the Rene Higuita crass mistake.

Also, one England- Cameroon quarterfinal where the British had to sweat blood to defeat by 3-2 Africans at the end of the meeting gave a lap of honor at the request of the public or the memorable semi-final between Italy and Argentina, which served to check how the rival Maradona spent.

Precisely, in this party he experienced one of the most remarkable facts of history St. Paul, as the Italian tiffosi not whistled the Argentine anthem as they were doing the other stages in the albiceleste she combined playing in honor of 10 Argentinian, which it was received as a true god by the Neapolitan fans.

St. Paul, Maradona's house

And it is that St. Paul It owes much to DMaradona iego. Argentine playmaker sack the Italian club of anonymity and exalted the top with a spectacular double in the League-Cup 87, the league title the 90 and UEFA Cup 90. All of this, adorned with a series of goals that proved that the Argentine maestro was made of sterner stuff.

San Paolo filled Maradona in his presentation
San Paolo filled Maradona in his presentation as a player Napoli. PHOTO: brand Clear

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