The player who was afraid of Alf

El futbolista que tenía miedo a Alf
Alf, that the friendly alien 80 to which a known footballer feared.

Last update 23 February, 2020 por Alberto Llopis

“¡Willy, I want a cat!” It was the famous phrase that left in the Spanish dubbed version, Orange sympathetic alien known as Alf. In this series 80, known worldwide, the adventures of a family and an alien who welcomed after crashing it in his garden had. A series of court sympathetic to everyone except for a known French footballer with experience in the Premier you imagine we're talking about?

Todo un campeón del mundo que temía a Alf en su infancia

Frenchman Olivier Giroud, campeón del Mundo con Francia en el Mundial de Rusia 2018, He acknowledged in an interview with Channel Arsenal, club in which militated, sympathetic than anything, que a él Alf, She scared him when he was little or rather, you frightened him. “My brothers were older than me and laughed with Alf but I was smaller and they made me jokes with him. It was very ugly and to make me mourn my brothers told me that Alf would come at night for me” said the French striker.

Giroud y su terrible miedo a Alf cuando era un niño.
Giroud and Alf terrible fear as a child.

A fact certainly curious at the same time funny although we imagine that the poor Giroud when he was a “buck” would not like. Y es que, Who has not been small and had a brother, cousin or neighbor greater than he who has spent her equal? Surely yes. If you have to face him, what not see him fair like Sergio Ramos like many in the network came to get to Seville.

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