Paolo Maldini, the Rossoneri legend

Paolo Maldini, la leyenda milanista
Paolo Maldini, AC Milan captain and eternal. PHOTO: Brand

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Paolo Maldini is a legend for fans of AC Milan. There are soccer players who become eternal, that have conditions for play at the highest level until after 40 years and italian, one of the best in history in his position, was one of them.

Paolo Maldini, one of the best defenses in history

Twenty-five year career, all in Milan, make him the most important player in the history of the club and also one of those “One club men” from football history. Not in vain is the most capped player with the Italian team shirt (902) and also the most games played in the history of Serie A (648).

Paolo Maldini jugó contra Maradona a finales de los 80´s
Paolo Maldini played against Maradona in the late 80's PHOTO: As

Left back and central, Paolo Maldini marked an era in both Italy and Europe. Con 126 internationalities, three Euro Cups (1988, 1996 y 2000) and four World behind (1990,94,98 y 2002), It is also one of the most representative players in the history of Italy. Maldini was considered for many years as the world's best in his position. Born in 1968, he played until 2009, year in which he retired when he was about to meet 41 years.

He won many titles during his long career. He won seven Serie A titles with Milan, one Italian Cup five Italian Super Cups, five European Cups, five European Super Cups, two Intercontinental Cups and World Club internationally, It is certainly one of the players with the best record in history.

In June 2009, Maldini ended his career as a professional footballer. It was a day of meeting 41 years. He did at home, at the stadium where many afternoons of glory had lived. Milan withdrew its dorsal (he 3) in homage who has been with Franco Baresi, the great captain of his history.

Paolo Maldini se despide de San Siro
Maldini was eliminated in 2009 de San Siro after more than two decades of loyalty to his club PHOTO: Brand

It was a clean and elegant defense. In 25 year career was ejected four times, only one of them as a direct red. Undoubtedly some amazing numbers for a defense that was playing nearly three decades in the elite. He is considered one of the best defenders in history and is in the top 100 prepared by FIFA that collects the best players in this sport.

The Maldini saga continues

Paolo is the son of Cesare Maldini (died in 2016), Italian former footballer and former coach. They both won the European Cup. His father was also a historic player of AC Milan in the decades of 1950 y 1960. But there are more, his son Danielle has already made his debut with the rossonero's first team confirming that of the saying “like father, like son”and forming an authentic saga of footballers.

Paolo Maldini y su familia de futbolistas
Cesare, Paolo and Danielle. The Maldini, a saga of soccer players.

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