The historic goals in the National Classic

The historic goals in the National Classic
These are the antecedents of the Mexican National Classic. PHOTO:

The National Classic or the Classic of Classics, as they also usually call it, has been played for more than 70 years in Mexico, in which two of the most popular and winning clubs in the history of soccer in the country participate. One of them is the Club Deportivo Guadalajara founded in that city and also known as Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara., Chivas or simply Guadalajara which began its soccer activity in 1906, And it has a unique characteristic that makes it stand out from the rest of the Mexican clubs and that is that its soccer players are Mexican by birth, which is why they place a lot of emphasis on the training of young sportsmen. With a total of 12 league titles ranks second in the ranking and also in the same position, but from the list of clubs with the most national titles, with a total of 24.

The first position in the list of clubs with the most national titles, with 25 titles to his credit, It is occupied by the América Soccer Club that was founded by Rafael Garza Gutiérrez and his cousin Germán Núñez Cortina, who were joined by the rest of his colleagues from Colegio Mascarones 1916. Among its particularities, the one that stands out the most is that it is the most popular Mexican team in the United States., That is why the Eagles each year are among the favorites of the championship and this is shown by the league mx predictions. This is how in the year 2001 were awarded as the first non-European or South American team to be World Club of the Month.

Of course, these two Mexican teams have a lot of history between them., and their competition to be the first in their country led them to epic confrontations that are worth remembering., here below we tell you the goals to remember.

America 7-2 Chivas

Match that was played at the Parque Asturias stadium located in the Colonia Asturias of Mexico City. One of the most anticipated classics of the time was played, on the day number 13 of the tournament the Eagles were victorious with a notable difference that 20 February 1944. The protagonists of this match were Luis García, one of the best Mexican strikers in history who scored a goal, Guido Matamoros author of two goals and Leopoldo Proal author of four.

Chivas 7-0 America

Twelve years later the Chivas Rayadas were able to claim their revenge with an epic 7-0 although 1949 they had already been able to claim winning by 6 a 2 to the Americas at Oblatos Park. Thanks to one of the best formations that Chivas had in its history, they managed to leave the score in 7 a 0 the 22 August 1956, and the heroes of that occasion were Crescencio Gutiérrez, Isidoro Diaz, Juan Jasso, Raúl Arellano and Salvador Reyes.

America 5-2 Chivas

With great effort, trying to reverse the last results of the Classics played, the Azulcremas achieved victory by a difference of 3 goals. In February 1971 the Brazilian Antonio Teodoro Dos Santos Filho, Roberto Rodríguez Pérez who is the current coach of the basic forces of the club, Borbolla, Enrique Borja and Carlos Reinoso who was the club's technical director in 1981, were the scorers of this match.

America 4-1 Chivas

Just two years ago, in the day 12 of the Apertura tournament 2019 Chivas de Guadalajara faced the Águilas del América, the game started at 21:05 hours and 18 minutes later, the youthful Azulcrema Sebastián Córdova scored the first goal of his night as he would later score another one, to which would be added the goals of Emanuel Aguilera and Henry Martín. The climax of the night for the oblivion suffered by the Chivas fans happened in the minute 36 when Giovani Dos Santos left on a stretcher by a strong tackle by Antonio Briseño that resulted in his expulsion from the match.



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