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Las apuestas online en deportes más populares del mundo
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Last update 9 December, 2020 by Alberto Llopis

It's no longer just about cheering for your favorite team in a game, now you can make online bets on sports. This way, you can raise the excitement even more and of course earn some money. If you don't know much about this topic, next, we will tell you the most popular in the world, so that you dare to try your luck in the sports betting sites.

Online parlay betting

If you are a risky online player and you like to earn good dividends for your predictions. You should try Parlay bets, which are also known in sportsbooks as multiple or combined.

How about placing multiple selections in a single bet. In fact, you have the possibility to include from 2 until 10 equipment. Besides, your income will rise according to the number of options you put and you can get to receive for 10 selections payments of 642-1.

However, they are risky internet bets, since if at least one of your selections fails, you will not earn money.

Handicap in online betting

In a match there will always be the favorite team and the one with the least advantage. For this, online bookmakers offer the Handicap market. Where teams will have an advantage or disadvantage that is imaginary, because the idea is that they are even.

Suppose there is a game between Real Madrid and Huesca. It is obvious that, the sportsbook will award an advantage of 0-3 to Huesca. Therefore, if you bet on the meringues and the result is 2-0 you will lose. Why, in these online bets it is as if the Real Madrid team lost 2 a 3.

Simple online betting

They are the simplest online sports betting, this is why they are perfect for novice players. In this mode, it is about predicting who will win in a game, that's it, as you can see it is very simple.

Also, you should know how to calculate your winnings on these bets. For example, if you bet $20 in a match between Barcelona and Sevilla. Your prognosis is in favor of the Azulgranas and the quota is 2,20. If you get it right, the profit calculation will be $20 X 2.20 – $20 = $24.

Live betting

Online sports betting is currently considered the most exciting. For this, if you suffer from nerves, take a pain reliever before gambling. Given that, the market in Coder is huge especially in football with more than 500 options.

Additionally, the fees change every moment, depending on the events of the match. And if that was not enough, many prestigious sports betting sites offer live streaming of games. Also, if you are not as lucky as you hoped you can cash out and reduce your losses.

Over under

They are online bets that are also known as more / less. They are very popular in the beautiful game, to predict how many goals will be scored in matches. Equally, sportsbooks present several modalities such as 1.5, until 4.5. So, if you play over de 3.5 you will win if the event ends with 4 or more goals scored.

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