Older players active in Europe

Los jugadores más viejos en activo en Europa
Given the Irish is the oldest active player in Europe. Photo: Mirror

Last update 8 April, 2017 by Alberto Llopis

They say that the veteran is a degree but in the world of football is not a maxim that go as they go, to mass. The players usually retire at an early age in any type of job, on thirties, however, grandparents considered almost despite not having neither 40. But in recent seasons, There are many players who have stretched their run to the 40 and even a little more. Today we tell you who are the oldest active players in Europe.

  1. Shay Given (20/04/1976): Irish goalkeeper is a classic of the Premier continues its 40 years as goalkeeper Stoke City English.
  2. Francesco Totti (27/09/1976): “Captain” follows his 40 years in the team of his entire life. It is after 20 years and 21 games, the only survivor from the FIFA 96 in FIFA 17
  3. Marco Storari (07/01/1977): He had a short experience in the Levante 2008 but he has developed most of his career in Italy. War continues in Cagliari.
  4. Morgan De Saints [(26/03/1977): Italian veteran goalkeeper has spent most of his career in Italy but had a stage in Spain, Sevilla and in Turkey. Almost the 40 years continues his career in the French Monaco.
  5. Albano Bizarri (09/11/1977): many will remember passing by Real Madrid in the late 90, in fact many think he had left football and. But it takes many years in Italian football which has become a classic of Serie A. Particularly now in the ranks of Pescara.
  6. Gigi Buffon ( 28/01/1978): You need little introduction eternal goalkeeper Juve and Italian selection. It seems that time does not pass by it and still find that kid who defended the goal of Parma.
  7. Stefano Sorrentino ( 28/03/1979): another goalkeeper, another Italian in the list of the oldest active players in Europe. And the Serie A house seems almost goalkeepers 40 years.

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