The most memorable soccer events

The most memorable soccer events
We recall the most memorable events of football
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Over time, the futbol soccer It has grown to become a lifestyle for those who enjoy the most of every meeting, because the passion and adrenaline inherent this sport you have given great power, so much so that, year with year, sums of money They are circulating through different industries related to this successful business, such as sports betting website Betway, They are abysmal.

But always there meetings what, by the way they gave, remain engraved in the minds of the fans for posterity, and based on that in this article we will tell you what the most controversial football events are in history of foot ball world.

The hand of God

Or that anyone who brags to love and know this sport, You should know with full certainty what we mean when we emphasize this event, because for many specialists in the field, saying goal It has been the most mentioned of all time.

So peculiar event took place at the meeting between selections Argentina and England, in World Mexico of 1986, and the meeting became part of the footballing cultural background when, then the number 10 the albiceleste Diego Armando Maradona, He puts his squad in front of the encounter with a goal that put his hand.

This action had serious consequences later, since it depended on the classification of “guachos” to move to the next round and then win the world.

the Maracanazo

This meeting was a clear proof that stories like David vs. Goliath, where the weak defeat the strong despite its clear disadvantages, do occur in real life.

As recollected event occurred in the World of Brazil 1950, selection Uruguay He was facing a selection offered him the position of coach in aggrandized by the overwhelming victories had after the meeting, and for obvious reasons was the favorite squad in that game, since the game would take place in one of stadiums most enigmatic of this nation.

Despite all odds and regardless to leave the break with a goal against, the Uruguayan They fought up to ninety minutes going up the meeting two to one, becoming the new champions a world simply epic form.

Ghost goal England in the World 1966

And as the event that tops our list, It is goal He went down in history as one of the clearest background as to why the use of cameras to rectify certain decisions by judges Field.

So controversial that annotation occurred in the match between England and Germany, as even match that went to extra time with two much for each selection.

In the last minutes Geoff Hurts, England striker, He hits a shoe that hit the German crossbar and bounced right on the outside of the finish line, but the referee signaled the both putting them ahead to win the English.

There is no doubt that the football It is a true spectacle, and you can now take advantage of it betting on Betway.

football hung

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