Continuing crisis of Valencia CF

Las continuas crisis del Valencia CF

Last update 11 September, 2019 por Alberto Llopis

¿Why is Valencia CF experiencing continuous crises?? The Mestalla club specializes in self-destruct, to shoot himself in the foot, in immolation like a failure. Si no, can not be understood as being that either for one or the other, throughout history has been determined to scupper especially when it seems that everything is calm and march to perfection. The last of Peter Lim does nothing but confirm that the club lives in a constant roller coaster for at least 15 años.

An astronomical debt, a stadium standing over a decade and continuous comings and goings institutional works

rutilantes signings, basis of the national team that won Euro 2008 and twice champions, Valencia was the fashion team of Spanish football at the beginning of the new millennium. Tanto lo era, in a separate project pharaohs, the club began to build a new stadium in the words of Juan Soler, author of such terrible idea, He would have the honor of being the best in Europe.

Both capacity (there was speculation 85.000 personas), but in modern comfort (they wanted to cover all the seats and make the best access to a field across Europe). A decade later we can only see an abandoned structure deteriorating over time of what it was going to be and what more than ten years later is not.. And if done, It will be a completely different project to start.

las crisis del Valencia CF
The new Mestalla brings stopped since 2009. The structure continues to deteriorate without a solution glimpse.

Sin embargo, the huge debt and a languid economic crisis that never seemed to end did away everything and transformed the club that seemed to eat the world and was one of the big sharks of football in a fish struggling to not be eaten or eaten by fishermen dressed of collectors Hacienda. With the arrival of patrons Peter Lim Many rubbed their hands waiting times of glory, splendor, much money. Nothing was fulfilled, everything has been far from reality.

Valencia as a selling club

Only in the last decade Valencia CF has sold its flagship players being practically a standard pattern on a computer that is increasingly desfonda. En el verano de 2010, David Villa was sold by 40 millions of euros, Silva as the City by 31. Two flagships that followed a season after the Chelsea Mata 28 millions, Isco to Malaga by 8 and Joachim at the same table Andalusian by 4.

Sales were barely offset by the signing of Soldado, the most expensive by far in this period with 10 million and also left the club transferred 2013, ensuring that there was no project. Years later the tone did not change at all and sales of the Otamendi came., Mustafi, André Gomes and Paco Alcácer, even more controversial than Soldier.

La salida de Alcácer trajo cola en el club de Mestalla. Sobre todo por las formas.
Alcacer brought off line at the Mestalla club. Especially forms. FOTO: Superdeporte

Peter Lim and Mendes, a round deal with Valencia's crises

The arrival of Peter Lim 2014 when Valencia was about to enter Bankruptcy Law, It seemed it was going to be that much needed mana the Valencia club. Sin embargo, 6 seasons later, the reality is quite different. The club has lived in sporting everything from 3 Ratings for Champions and Cup title to mediocre seasons where it came to flirting with relegation. But at the institutional level it keeps going from bad to worse.

Lim and Mendes, your strong man in terms of transfers, Valencia took their business to a sport derived with different sporting directors like Alexanco and a carousel of coaches and Nuno and Prandelli and Gary Neville pseudo coaches like Paco Ayestaran and. All to finish saving the ballot two years running Voro, men of the hose. Only the arrival of Mateu Alemany and Marcelino García Toral, They endowed the club logic, balance and common sense. Both sporting and institutional.

Something that appreciated the club, two classifications for the Champions League and the Copa del Rey title, and also he made the club owner wanted to retrieve her business buying and selling of players with his strongman. The end result has ended Marcelino out on the street, after standing up to Lim, street and possibly the following is Mateu Alemany. A more in recent years touring the roller coaster that has become Valencia.

What would the Valencia CF without many crises and disastrous efforts?

A team like Valencia imagine with good management? A team that had kept the Silva, Women, Villa, Soldier, Otamendi and company. A team in which he has not done practices aspiring coach like Neville or Ayestarán or just a club that was not established in a permanent state of nonsense, can crush 11 a lot of coaches and players 7 Years Can you imagine what could be the Valencia CF and what have become? Together we have hurt and see to the best damage.

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