The Most Soccer Players “Hard to Kill”

The Most Soccer Players “Hard to Kill”
Nigel de Jong is one of those tough-to-kill players. PHOTO: The confidential

In everything we will always meet tough people, either in our work, community, people we know and even in our own family we will find "a tough nut to crack", It is true, It is not always pleasant since the line between aggressiveness and harshness is very thin and these are often confused, thus allowing us to witness scenes that are not so pleasant for those who are close..

The same is true in sports, However, here this line has already been passed and the toughest footballers, turn out to be the most violent footballers, dirty and aggressive. It's no secret that soccer is considered a tough sport, despite being in less density than Rugby, Ice Hockey, MMA and other sports, but anyway it is a sport of physical contact and somewhat violent.

Soccer is a hard contact sport.

Being harsh or violent

When one practices different sports disciplines, the main objective is to win and less is taken into account to lose, since the name depends on this and keep the reputation high, either in one of the toughest sports in the field such as Boxing and MMA. But nevertheless, one of the least mentioned markets in this field and being one of the most violent is football, so is, football is usually one of the most complex sports, hard, aggressive and even inconsistent between sports disciplines.

It is not enough that 11 players per team run a field of 100-110 meters long by 64-75 meters wide, That is why in each game there are line referees and one to two referees who run with the players during the game in this way to be able to be attentive if fouls are made (Fouls) whether they are violent or by mere chance, but this doesn't stop those who want to play dirty. Here we will present a small review of the toughest and most aggressive players in history, as well as this way you can also stay informed about the world of football in different soccer blogs.

"Hard to Kill"

Let's do a review, with the best and most focused information on the players who have been classified as the dirtiest and most violent in history, in other words, the most "Hard to Kill":

Vinnie Jones

In our list we have decided to put in the first place one of the most enigmatic and outgoing footballers, his performance on the court was unique as well as the violence he emits, apodado “The Hard Men”, you can say that it suits you well. In order to understand this footballer, he always had something to talk about on the field, either because of his performance with the ball as well as the violent euphoria that he spread.

In one of his matches, when he still represented Newcastle, left viewers stunned by his retaliation against Gascoigne, which is why the nickname "The Hard Men", He was cruel to Gascoigne reaching the point that he could not take it anymore and in an approach of the two, just Gascoigne's testicles were held by Vinnie, at the moment he was screaming: "My name is Vinnie Jones, I am gypsy and made a lot of money. I'm gonna rip your ear out with my teeth and then spit it on the grass. You are alone, gordo, only with me!”.

Javi Navarro

Spain is not saved, and also participates in “The Toughest Soccer Players in Spain”, Javi Navarro known as "El Valenciano", He is one of the most aggressive and toughest footballers in the history of football in Spain and worldwide, He learned many of his skills from his courtmate Pablo Alfaro, but this one improved them.

One of the hardest cases of his behavior was suffered by Juan Arango, who was rushed after receiving an elbow from Javi Navarro while the meeting between Mallorca was taking place – Seville the 20 March 2005. The elbow this cost him fractures, spasms and internal bleeding, what did not seem important to Javi Navarro and he behaved indifferent to what caused, certainly a person to fear on the court.

Nigel De Jong

You might think that flying kicks are only seen in action movies like Jackie Chan's., Bruce Lee, Jean Clod Van Damme, or MMA sports, Taekwondo, Karate, Judo, etc. But nevertheless, one of the brutalities never caught on camera and to top it off at the World Cup in South Africa, when the 11 July 2010, in the confrontation between the Netherlands and Spain, Xavi Alonso received a strong kick in the thoracic part, running out of breath for a few moments. This while they disputed the ball.

Of course, that referee Howard Webb said nothing and was even indifferent to this action, giving the public a lot to talk about in that match, of course Holland lost not for lack, but because of the lack of coordination between the players and the aggressive attitudes on the part of these, like Nigel De Jong's.

Nigel de Jong duro de m
Another angle of Nigel de Jong's kick to Xavi Alonso in the World Cup 2010. PHOTO: capture Youtube

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