Tips to make your own youth football team

Tips to make your own youth football team

Visitors to this website are undoubtedly great soccer enthusiasts. All are related to the sport closely but, How many practice it?

Form a football team is no easy task. It is necessary to take into account a number of factors and besides that have friends and acquaintances to gather a pool of players with the capacity to play. Then, detail the way forward to form a football team in four easy steps.

1. locate players

What first thing to do is define the ideal type of player for the team and then go in search. Will you be a team of men or women? Mixed? In what age range? It is also advisable that they all have a similar level of football knowledge in order to avoid large inequalities.

It is appropriate to quote one day, in a particular place, in order to explain the project team, put ideas together and agree on schedules and training dates.

2. Finding a place to play

This is a critical point to avoid having to look for a different place on each workout. No need to rent the Camp Nou if it is an amateur team; there are many sports centers or premises that are rented by the hour, with professional facilities.

But if the budget does not allow it, Why not look for a field outdoors or any of the local team members? If we choose this course, necessary to preserve security of the material and equipment. Installing a safety device as Alarma Blood Sure it could be a good idea, especially if the training place is usually empty for long periods of time.

3. Being a good coach

The fact constantly giving orders not make someone a good coach, rather the opposite. Because, It is important that the coach has experience, as a player and as coach, and preferably have the support of all players. And is that to be a good coach you need to find the right balance to lead the team accurately taking into account the views of the various players and that in order to promote group cohesion. One of the most important tasks of the coach is to motivate the team, both victories and defeats especially.

4. Search a league in which participate

Let's be honest: If the team is formed by amateurs with little experience in football, it makes sense not claim part of the blue in the Champions, or the Spanish League. Instead, there are many local and provincial leagues character that bring together all levels of players, in finding similar equipment to our.

Having achieved the goal of training the football team, only is the best part: Enjoying sports!

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