What to give a man who loves football?

What to give a man who loves football?
Surprise him with original gifts for men

The date of your best friend's birthday is approaching and you enter the anguish of always thinking about how difficult it is choose gifts for men.

The experience becomes even more distressing the older your age. But if there is something that helps and you should value, it is their sports hobbies since they open a range of possibilities to which you should be able to take advantage.

If soccer is your hobby, we tell you all the alternatives you can have.

The most original gifts for men

The truth is that nothing reassures more when giving a gift to a gentleman than thinking about his sports hobbies. Even more so when football is the sport that moves and fascinates him.

If we find ourselves in the middle of the League season, or waiting for one of the many continental events that mobilize the excitement of all football lovers, it will be even much easier.

Pay attention to these options that we know will get you out of trouble when choose gifts for gentlemen it is about.

VIP tickets

Atlético de Madrid, F.C. Barcelona, Real Madrid, or any other of the La Liga BBVA teams, offer a unlimited VIP experience in their sports facilities.

Do you want to discover what you have access to?:


  • Direct entry to the stadiums, with exclusive parking spaces, or chauffeur service included.
  • Catering service in private box.
  • Hostess assistance, seats with televisions and endless perks to discover.

Some packages may include guided tours of museums, or official souvenir t-shirts.

Enjoy a soccer game

If your budget is limited, you can choose only for entrances to the stands. If you organize yourself in advance you can book a good match, in the best possible location.

If the love that binds you to that person is infinite, you can take a chance with a season ticket for the football season. But remember that the tickets are personal and non-transferable, so, if you feel that you are not really going to enjoy them, choose to accompany him only to a game.

The official t-shirt

Sponsors are added every year, The designs are changed and nothing stands out more about the season than the official team jersey. Represents an investment that identifies true amateurs, where they can carry the number and name of their favorite player, that wear freaky pride in and out of the stadiums.

It's a gift for man unforgettable and quality, that can be paid between several friends, to make that celebration something very special.

Charge it up with official team accessories

If age is not an impediment, you can enjoy choosing all kinds of official accessories, with team logo, to fill a large gift bag and enjoy with it the joy on that day of celebration.

We are not just talking about the official shirt. There are also flags, bracelets, hats, clocks, shoulder bags, fanny packs, sweatshirts, backpacks and everything you can imagine as part of the inventory of official items offered by the team each season.

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