Making Sports Better: 5 Popular Sports to Bet on in Europe

Making Sports Better: 5 Popular Sports to Bet on in Europe

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Passion for sports betting always follows one’s true passion for sports. This activity, now going online, has been a widespread occurrence across European countries. There are betting shops set up throughout Europe, and bookmakers have made their way into the virtual space. Clearly, this says a lot about how popular sports betting is in Europe.

European sports bets have been following the trends in the global market in recent years. That is why it doesn’t come as a surprise that one can find non-European sports in both offline and online offers. Players also have long welcomed the broader selection of sports to bet on.

It is also an everyday occurrence that people naturally come and go to betting shops. It even became a public place where people can share their knowledge on sports, exchanging comments on players and dubs. You may even hear them arguing and predicting the results of matches and tournaments! Get on the craze and check out this list of sports to bet on:


Football is definitely the most popular sport to be on across Europe. People from all walks of life enjoy watching football. This sport gathers plenty of sports enthusiasts betting on it, proving how deserving football is to make it to the top spot.

Many offline and online betting sites, like 888sport bookmaker, allow you to bet on every football league in Europe or even the world. You can either bet on the more famous leagues or venture into low-ranked leagues first. With the standard betting on the match-winner, you can also choose several ways on how football matches will end.

Some people like to bet on the total goals in the match or the correct results. The problem with this is that every football game can end in three possible ways: home in, guest win, or draw. If you have enough knowledge about football leagues, you’re off to a path of nice winnings.


Basketball may be popular in America, but it is also the same in Europe. Many sports bettors across Europe are die-hard fans of basketball. You may already know why it is so popular worldwide; with its high speed of action in court, people are always on their toes!

You need to score plenty of points to win, leaving many rooms for changes and reversals while the match is ongoing. It is exhilarating and nerve-wracking to see your favorite team in certain situations, like losing the advantage and reversing it in only a minute.


Besides basketball and football, tennis is also one of the most popular sports to bet on in Europe. Each year, tournaments after tournaments are played, giving sports bettors like you to find betting pairs. If compared to football, tennis has significant advantages when it comes to betting.

This sport has only two possible outcomes. Therefore, you have a 50% chance of getting a tennis match’s outcome. But not all betting sites apply the same rules for certain situations like injuries during the game. You must always check that out first before placing your bets.

Horse Racing

It seems like the British are one of the biggest fans of horse racing, and you can perfectly understand why that is. As a result, it comes without a surprise that betting on horse racing is so popular in some parts of Europe.

Nothing can replace the sheer excitement you can feel while watching the race. Whether you’re following a favorite or anticipating a surprise, you’ll always have your eyes on the tracks until the racehorses finally cross the finish line.


The list ends with a sport that is part of the martial arts category: boxing. This sport has always been popular among sports enthusiasts and bettors. It even experiences its renaissance in terms of betting. Boxing has had so many fans worldwide, especially in Europe. Each match is filled with lots of adrenaline, keeping you focused the entire time.


There are two types of bettors in Europe: First is the strategist and the maximalist. The former aims to identify their best betting opportunities, while the former wants to maximize their earnings. Second, are the individuals who are in for the betting experience. If you are either of the two, knowing what sports to bet on fundamentally helps you succeed.


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