What is a Double Chance Bet and How Does It Work

What is a Double Chance Bet and How Does It Work
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Nowadays, sports fans are treated to a plethora of betting types, and sometimes, even experienced punters cannot select the right one. If you want to be a successful bettor, you have to understand the different betting types in order to win a profit or minimize your losses. If you are not familiar with a given betting market, we advise you to do some research before jumping head-first into it. A betting market that many sports offer is the double chance bet. It is often considered a less risky bet and therefore, quite popular among sports fans.

Double Chance Bet Explained

There are three possible outcomes when a match is played, including the home team to win, the away team to win, or a draw. From a mathematical perspective, the probability of any of these events happening is 33.33%. The double chance bet allows sports fans to bet on two out of three possible outcomes. Then your chances of winning the bet increase to 66.66%.

According to sportsbettingday.com, the double chance bet is one of the safest wagers you can make. To win a double chance bet, one of your selections should win. There are three types of double chance bets as described below:

  • 1X double chance bet – if you place a 1x double chance bet, you wager on the home team to win or the match to end in a draw;
  • X2 double chance bet – a bet on the away team to win or the match to end in a draw;
  • 12 double chance bet – a bet on the home or away team to win

Please note that the double chance bet increases your chances of winning, but it comes with odds lower than a 3-way wager. In other words, a double chance bet mitigates the risk, but returns are also lower.

Double Chance Bet vs Handicap vs Draw No Bet

Double chance bets are often compared to Asian Handicap 0. Handicap betting is a preferred betting option when the two teams that will play against each other are unevenly matched. The bookmaker gives an advantage to the weaker team and a disadvantage to the superior team. If you place a handicap bet on your favorite team and it loses, you lose your bet. Assuming the game ends in a draw, the bookie will refund your bet.

A Draw no Bet is another widespread betting option that allows punters to bet on the home or the away team. And if the match ends in a draw, you will receive a refund. On the other hand, a double chance bet wins only when one of the selections is successful. To sum up, Asian Handicap 0 and Draw no Bet eliminate the possibility of a match resulting in a tie.

Double Chance Bet Tips

Before placing a double chance bet, punters have to do some research. First, check the previous performances of both teams. If both teams are high scorers, place a 12 double chance bet because the chances of the match ending in a draw are low. If both teams are low scorers, punters are advised to select a double chance bet that includes the draw option.

Most ball games where two teams play against each other feature a double chance betting option. Some of the sports you can place a double chance bet on include football, basketball, ice hockey, and others. Double chance bets work the best when the teams are equal in strength.

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