The One Club Man in the history of football

The One Club Man in the history of football
Totti is one of the most famous One Club Men in the history of football. His love for Roma is legendary. PHOTO:

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Who are the One Club Man in the history of football? Professional football often disregards romanticism. Typically, players change their jerseys frequently, driven by the allure of money and sporting opportunities offered by other clubs. However, there are increasingly rare cases of players who reject all of this and remain devoted to the love and honor of one shirt, one city, and its people. These types of players are known as One Club Men, and some clubs like Athletic Bilbao honor this player profile with an award. Here are some notable examples:

The Most famous One Club Man

Paolo Maldini

Paolo Maldini is a Milan legend and one of the most well-known One Club Men. He debuted in 1984 wearing the «rossoneri» jersey and retired in 2009. Maldini played for a total of twenty-five years, all with the same team. He shattered all records and was the eternal captain, a role model on and off the field for his teammates and fans.

Francesco Totti

The captain of Roma is a legend among its followers, an idol both on and off the pitch. A staggering 24 seasons wearing the Roma jersey. He debuted in 1993 and retired amidst crowds in 2017. He played 786 matches and scored 307 goals in the red shirt of the Roman team.

The One Club Man
Totti, eternal love for Roma. PHOTO:

Sepp Maier

Sepp Maier dedicated his entire professional career to Bayern Munich, where he played from 1966 to 1979. He is one of the few players to have won every title, both at the national team and club levels. He is undoubtedly one of the greatest goalkeepers in history.

Ryan Giggs

Arguably the best Welsh player in history, Ryan Giggs devoted his life to Old Trafford. He debuted in 1990 and retired in 2014. One of the finest players of his generation, he played 963 matches and scored 168 goals for the Red Devils.

Paul Scholes

Known as the «Wizard of Old Trafford» or «The Ginger Prince» due to his always-flushed cheeks, Paul Scholes was the footballer who, on May 19, 2013, decided to end a long career that saw him compete at the highest level for 20 years in his beloved team: Manchester United. He debuted in 1993 and retired in 2013 after wearing the same jersey throughout his entire career. A true One Club Man.

Carles Puyol

Puyol is a symbol of FC Barcelona. The center-back, possibly the best Spain has ever produced, always played professionally with one shirt, that of his Barça, which he wore from the youth categories to the first team where he won everything. He debuted in 1999 and left in 2014 hampered by injuries. A clear example of devotion to a set of colors. Undoubtedly, his image is associated with players who played for only one club.

The One Club Man of Barcelona
Carles Puyol, Culé heart. PHOTO:

Matthew Le Tissier

Le Tissier’s case is even more commendable than the rest of the players on the list because the English player never left Southampton, a team that, far from being a front-runner in his time and winning titles, was always a serious candidate for relegation. However, despite being coveted by half of Europe and the giants of English football, he never traded his love for his jersey for more pounds or more titles. As Le Tissier himself said: «Playing for a big team and winning titles is a nice challenge, but playing against them and beating them is even more so.»

Manolo Sanchís

Sanchís was one of the members of the «Quinta del Buitre,» the one who lasted the longest at the white club, the only one of them to win a Champions League, and the only one who played his entire career at Real Madrid. He debuted in the early 80s, in 1983, and left the Madrid house in 2001. Nearly two decades in service of a shirt that he never changed.

Jamie Carragher

Jamie «Jimmy» Carragher, the great legend of the Liverpool defense. He spent 16 years at Liverpool, his only team.

Julen Guerrero

He was a reference for Athletic for years. Guerrero debuted very young with Athletic in the early 90s and retired in the mid-2000s. Despite having millionaire offers, he never left his Athletic as a player.

Franco Baresi

Franco Baresi was one of the greatest defenders in history. An entire career dedicated to Milan. One of those players who played for only one club.

Other players who played only for one club during their career

Obviously, there are many more, possibly hundreds and hundreds of footballers who were always loyal to their badge. Therefore, writing an article about all of them would be too extensive. That’s why we have only chosen some of the most illustrious footballers who made their career at one club.»

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