Who Are the Top Favourites To Win the Italian Series A?

Who Are the Top Favourites To Win the Italian Series A?
Cristiano Ronaldo is the Serie A star. PHOTO: Marca


Italy’s professional competition series A is at the peak when it comes to the Italian league system. The most adorned award is the Coppa Campioni d’Italia. The league is one of the most tactical leagues worldwide thus making it rank among the top five leagues in Europe. Italian clubs perform exceedingly spectacular when it comes to the European League after the Premier League as well as La Liga. Each year, players, fan and punters look forward to series A, they look forward to who will win the Ballon d’Or award. This year is no exception. Here are the top favorites to win the Italian series A

  1. Juventus FC

Here’s one of the most successful teams in Italy as well as the most adorned football club across the globe. The team has won series A around 35 times including 2018/19. Its more than any club has ever recorded in the Italian FC history. Ever since Cristiano Ronaldo made an entrance in Juventus, the team has become more mature and progressive, thus making it rank top among the favorites to emerge victorious in 2019/20. The FC’s fans and punters have multiplied by a huge number. Juventus FC has won each Series A ever since 2011/12. By the look of things, they enjoy winning, and they don’t seem to get tired of winning in this league. Massimiliano Allegri, who’s the manager of Juventus FC is anticipated to still be the manager in this 2019/20 season

  1. Napoli

Players, fans, and punters enjoy a little extra challenge. Here is a team that has shown potential and is likely to dethrone Juventus FC. It’s a chance for punters to log into their favorite gambling sites, including sbobet, to place a stake. Carlo Ancelotti became the club’s manager before the previous season. Ancelotti is determined to add active soccer players who will finally steer Napoli to winning series A. It is quite a long time since Napoli emerged winners. The last time was in 1089/90 season. However, there is no despair, as the team has been very consistent within the previous few seasons. It hasn’t won any league, but the dry spell could come to an end in this season.

  1. Milan

Milan FC possesses the 2nd joint highest series A title. It comes close second to Juventus FC which has won the league at least 18 times. Millan FC has shown a lot of promising potentials and it’s not a club they used to be. It is among the top favorite clubs’ to win the Italian series A which may come to an excellent surprise across the globe. Chances might be slim, but it could bring the title back to San Siro.


2019/20 series A will be the 118th season in the top-tier of Italian football as well as the 88th season having the league’s format. As the season is expected to progress seamlessly until May 2020, punters can grab this opportunity and log into various betting sites including sbobet. It’s a golden opportunity to weigh and place odds against all top favorites team to emerge victorious in the Italian series A.

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