Major League Baseball is completely missing the mark with new playoff proposal

Major League Baseball is completely missing the mark with new playoff proposal
Image of MLB FOTO: Yahoo Sports

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Image of MLB FOTO: Yahoo Sports

Major League Baseball shocked fans this week as a proposal for a new playoff format was announced/leaked. The proposed format would see the number of playoff teams increased and a reality television style live selection of the teams that would play in the postseason added. MLB fans can wager on games all season long but before you do, you need to know about the Librabet bonus code and receive bet bonuses before opening day in the big leagues.

Thus far, baseball fans are split on the new playoff idea with many long-time watchers of MLB and players calling it insane. The biggest problem with the playoff format that MLB has proposed is that it misses the mark of what should be instituted.

The league is desperate to bring fans back to live games in-stadium and to increase the interest Americans have in the sport. However, combining reality television scripted drama and more teams is certainly not the way to increase excitement long term.

Playoff Proposal

The playoff proposal would be a radical change to the current postseason format. It would increase the number of teams playing in the postseason from five to seven in both the National and American Leagues. Therefore, 14 of MLB’s 30 teams would reach the playoffs.

While that is somewhat acceptable, the lunacy starts with the team with the best record in each league receiving a bye and moving directly into the Division Series. The two other division winners and the best wild-card team would then host a best of three series against the other three wild-card teams with the worst records of the teams to quality. All three games in the wild-card round would be held at the stadium of the team with the better regular season record.

The teams with the best records would be allowed to choose their opponents in the playoffs. Thus, giving the postseason a ridiculous WWE feel that many players, including Trevor Bauer, have railed against.

What baseball needs to do to increase fan interest

The simple thing MLB needs to do to increase fan interest and attendance is less of everything it is doing. Why is the NFL and NCAA football so successful? Because the seasons are short and fans are left wanting more and not wanting the season to end.

There is too much baseball during the regular season with 162 games. Many MLB teams are out of playoff contention just two months into the season, yet there are four to five months left with meaningless games being played.

Fewer games mean there is more competition for a playoff place. If the playoffs are kept the same as they are now but 30 games are cut from the regular season, fans will be treated to more teams fighting for playoff places. Baseball would go from a marathon to a sprint.

Theoretically, fewer games would give players more rest resulting in fewer injuries. Teams could potentially have a four-man rotation once again increasing competition as the top starting pitchers would take the hill more often. Scheduling could even be worked out to give teams a day off in between games rather than playing every night of the week. How many fans want to come out in April on Mondays to see a game?

Of course, we all know these ideas won’t be implemented as Commissioner Rob Manfred and team owners are seeking to get blood (or money) out of a stone. Rather than make new fans, or bring old ones back, with exciting baseball, MLB simply wants to get more out of existing fans. For baseball to grow in the future, more is less.



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