Football Managers That Are Making Major Moves

Football Managers That Are Making Major Moves

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image3Managing a football team is not an easy task. With so many dedicated, and talented players out there, the manager of the teams must be equally capable to handle the teams and take them towards success. The job of the managers is not only to motivate and discipline the team, but managers are also required to keep a close watch on all their players and guide them towards the right path when it comes to their game.


Below is the list of the top managers who have made major moves in their team and are at the top of their game.



Jurgen Klopp


Klopp is right up there and is the best manager a team can ask for. The manager of Premier League club Liverpool, Klopp is known for his strong motivational skills. When Klopp joined Liverpool in 2015, the team was not performing well, however, the new manager took matters into his own hands and changed things for good. Before becoming a manager, Klopp was himself a manager, he very well knows how things on the field work, therefore, he always shows an intense and passionate approach. His fascinating communication strengthens trust in his approaches and capability as a coach, and so the messages passed on by him are always believed.


 Carlo Ancelotti


Carlo has won the UEFA Champions League three times and has also managed teams in four finals with winning the FIFA Club World Cup twice. Regarded as one of the best and most successful managers of all times Ancelotti has been making major moves in his career. A flexible, creative midfielder in his playing days, Carlo has won 20 trophies in his career. The manager is known to play formations, which go according to the traits of his players. Ancelotti is known for his versatile and adaptable management style.


 Jose Mourinho



Mourinho is known for his management style as he is known to have a very good relationship with his players. It is because of this closeness with his team that the manager is well aware of the physical strength of his teams. Mourinho has won eight league titles and four domestic cups. He has won a domestic title in four different countries and has also won the UEFA Champions League twice. The Manchester United manager was sacked from his position in 2018 after poor league form and later went to Tottenham in 2019.


Diego Simeone


The manager also gets his share of criticism owing to his ultra-defensive strategies and the dubious ethics with which his teams play. However, his victories cannot be denied and he has won two league titles in his native Argentina. He has been the manager of Atlético Madrid since December 2011 and was formerly a player and played as a midfielder.


Antonio Conte


In 2017, Conte became the first manager in history to win three consecutive Manager of the Month awards. Before becoming a manager, he was an Italian footballer. The manager has always been more comfortable in his homeland and has revolutionized the teams he has managed. He has enjoyed an eminent playing career, the huge part of which was spent at Juventus. During the 2011–12 season, he managed Juventus to the Series A title without losing a single match. The manager still has a long way to go and there are huge chances that he will go on to be the greatest manager of all time. After leaving Chelsea in 2018, he went on to become manager for Inter Milan in 2019.


Pep Guardiola


After a notable achievement as a player for Barcelona, Guardiola was raised to the manager of the club’s B team. As a manager, he made sweeping and risky changes to Barcelona’s team and the club went on to win. He was a groundbreaking strategist and a true inventor. Pep won three La Liga titles, two domestic cups, three Super Cups, two Champions Leagues, and many more trophies. Pep’s teams are known for keeping control, pressing persistently, and their sublime creativity. Guardiola is presently the manager of Premier League club Manchester City.


Zinedine Zidane


Zidane was the first manager ever to win three successive Champions League honors for Real Madrid. Before starting his career as a manager, Zidane was a French former professional football player and was extensively viewed as one of the greatest players of all time. The proof of his capability as a manager is the fact that Real Madrid fell apart without him. When a player, Zidane was a famous player who was known for his style, vision, passing, ball control, and strategy. Cristiano Ronaldo indeed had a huge part to play in the success of Zidane at the Bernabeu, but Zidane’s three consecutive Champions League titles cannot be ignored. 


Didier Deschamps


A World Cup winner, however, it cannot be denied that much of the success was due to the extremely Les Bleus squad. Luck has a huge part to play in Deschamps’s success as a manager, however, he still has his ability in handling a team. Moreover, as he was a player before becoming a manager, he understands his teams will.  

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