85 things you should know of 85 years of the First Division (I)

85 things you should know of 85 years of the First Division (I)

He 10 February 2014 They were fulfilled 85 years after the first match of the League history. It happened in the field of Sarrià, where the beat Espanyol 3-2 Real Union Irun on the first day of the National League Championship season 1928-1929 curiously he began to be played in February for the discrepancy about the teams that were involved. The author of the first goal fue Espanyol José Prats Pitus, man who will be remembered for that fact.

In Hanged For Football, as a tribute to these 85 Liga years, reviewed in 85 data, highlights that has occurred so far in Primera Division in all this time:

1- The league began 10-02-1929, have passed 85 years and 83 leagues disputed. The first champion was the FC Barcelona. Oddly enough Real Madrid did not win until the season 1932-1933.

2- As noted José Pitus Prats was the first scorer in the league. Alfonso Olaso, Atlético de Madrid player, He was the first player to score a own goal in the league

3- Although fifty-nine different teams have played in the First Division, so far they have only been able to win the tournament nine clubs: Real Madrid C. F., in 32 occasions; F. C. Barcelona, in 22; Club Atlético de Madrid, in 9; Athletic Club, in 8; Valencia C. F., in 6; Royal Football Society, in 2 and Real Betis Balompié, Sevilla F. C. y R. C. Deportivo de La Coruña, in 1.

4- In the season 29-30 porters can be replaced if lesión.En 1965 It is authorizing an alternate to replace a holder, and from 69-70 They can be made two changes for any reason now extending it to three.

5- Real Madrid first team to use dorsal 1947 he 23-11-1947 At against. Madrid and from 48-49 it is mandated by the federation.

6- Gareth Bale is the most expensive signing in the history of the League. Se pagó por él 100 million euros from Real Madrid in the season 2013-14.

7- Barcelona and Real Madrid have won 54 ligas de las 83 disputadas, that is, the 65,85% of those held so far. Only Scotland and Egypt overcome such bipolarismo.

8- In the 95-96 It is authorizing the fixed dorsal, make three changes and victories are worth 3 points.

9- In the campaign 1970-71 cards appear. At first they were white and red.

10- In 1981, Federation authorizes advertising on shirts. Racing de Santander was the first Spanish team to wear advertising on their uniform was in the Real Madrid-Racing 27 from December to 1981.

11- The team that scored more goals in a season was Real Madrid, in season 2011-12, reached the 121, surpassing its own record 107.

12- However, the highest average of goals in a season Athletic Bilbao has in the campaign 1930-31, who scored 4,05 by party.

13- Seven seconds was the time it took to score the fastest goal in La Liga. The author was Joseba Llorente in Valladolid- Spanish season 2007-08.

14- 89 goals is the greater goal difference in favor of a championship team. He has the Madrid 11/12.

15- The League have spent nearly every major cracks in football history. di Stéfano, Cruyff, Zidane, Maradona, Ronaldo, Rivaldo… Possibly, between these two last, this the best goal in the history of the League.

Is de Compostela, the best goal of these 86 year history of the league?
Is de Compostela, the best goal of these 86 year history of the league?

16- Lleida in the campaign ended with a -93 on goal difference. Evidently, He declined.

17- Deportivo La Coruna won a League 69 points, It is in a league 20 equipment, the lowest score of a champion.

18- In the historical classification of Liga, Real Madrid leads the standings, followed by Barcelona and Valencia. However, there is a great struggle to locate what equipment belongs the honor of being the third in the league.

19- Zarra has been the player who has won pichichis. A total of six. di Stéfano, Quini and Hugo Sanchez succeeded him five times.

20- Rayo Vallecano is the team with more points have fallen. He did it with 45 in the campaign 1996-97.

21- Racing, Castellón, Arenas and Celta reached down with only 9 points.

22- Only three teams have led the league from start to finish. Two Barcelona (84-85 y 2012-13) y una el Real Madrid (1987-88).

23- Since the year 2003, does not win the league a team other than Real Madrid or Barcelona. Y desde 2008, even finishes second.

24- The top scorer in a league was Leo Messi, who in the season 2011-12 I note 50 goals.

25- Forgive the redundancy, 25 Pichichis are won by the Madrid, the one who most.

26 – Fourteen are the minimum goals were scored to win the Pichichi, by Garate, Amancio, and Bienzobas.

27- Five are the Zamoras (meta meanest) Ramallets won by Victor Valdes FC Barcelona and.

28- The result of 9-5 Athletic-Racing is among the largest in history. 14 goals in total.

29- The biggest win was Athletic League 12 Barcelona 1 of the 8 February 1931.

30- The home thrashings made the most outrageous the Barcelona. 0-8 Las Palmas and Almería.

31- In the season 1949-1950 He lived a tie 6 between Atletico Madrid and Athletic Bilbao.

32- The match was more penalty Oviedo-Valladolid campaign 1995-96 con 6 total.

33- Six expulsions are also a record Espanyol-Barcelona match that same course.

34- Miquel Soler twenty seasons was the longest Spanish militated in First Division. It was in Espanyol, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, At. Madrid, Royal Zaragoza, Mallorca, Sevilla. Followed by 19 seasons in the same team, Agustin Gainza Athletic de Bilbao between 1940 y 1959. Iribar and were Sanchis 18 Courses wearing the same shirt.

35- Siete goles ha sido el récord marcado por mismo jugador en un solo partido. whisk in 1930-31 and Kubala in 1951-52.

36- Messi marking went 19 followed days this season 2011-12. He scored in total 29 goals from the day 11 a 29.

37- Abel Resino was the doorman's longest undefeated 1275 minutes.

38- The youngest debutant was Samson, who with 15 years and 255 days debuted with Celta in 1939.

39- The oldest player to debut was Lowe, what with 48 years and 226 days jumped onto the pitch to play a Real Sociedad-Valencia.

40- 16 years and 98 days was the youngest scorer in league history. It was Fabrice, Malaga in the campaign 2012-13.

41- Forty years and 138 days was the scorer with older, it was a classic like Donato.

42- Zubizarreta is the goalkeeper who has played more games in league history. Juice 622 for the 550 Raul or 543 de Eusebio Sacristán.

43- Zarra scored 251 goals in 278 parties. It is the record so far. Hugo Sánchez anotó 234 and Raul, 228. Leo Messi is the man who will overcome these figures.

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