Andoni Iraola, one of the last "men's team"

Andoni Iraola, one of the last "men's team"
Iraola just in New York City a great career as a footballer.

It is difficult to trace, but do both on and off the field becomes an even more complicated company. Earn the respect of fans, teammates and coach becomes a privilege that few, but very few, They can boast of having achieved. Andoni Iraola is one Sagarna.

At 35 years, and having spent his last two seasons in New York City, good for Iraola has decided to leave their profession, his passion, his beloved football. For those who do not know this side, something that is rare, I have to tell you that is characterized by being a "team player", an almost extinct species. Fighter, committed, respectful, and solidarity; characteristics that have led him to the top in the tough race that many start, and only a few manage to finish it on time.

Formed in the lower categories of Antiguoko San Sebastian, Lezama reached where grow up and become a real lion. In 2003 He debuted in the first team of Athletic Bilbao, thus beginning a courtship that lasted, nothing more and nothing less, what 12 seasons. In 2015, and after playing 510 games with the Bilbao box, San Mames left to start a new adventure on US soil. A man was leaving the house, a player who was part of the shield itself.

Andoni Iraola before Isco's shirt Athletic in what was his last season as a Lion.
Andoni Iraola before Isco's shirt Athletic in what was his last season as a Lion.

New York City has been his last home, where he shared a dressing room with stars like David Villa, Pirlo or Lampard, and which has also been made about. In fact, There has been awarded recognition as "Unsung Hero". Thus he spoke his coach in New York set, Patrick Vieira: “Andoni is the perfect image of a team player.

Everyone adores him and off the field. I am very happy that he has won this award because it really deserves. The award reflects the contribution of Andoni. Many players receive praise, but the work he performs on and off the field deserves recognition. It is one of those players who work very hard for the team, but who is never mentioned”.

Boots hanging a large Spanish football, a man without noise has earned the love and admiration.

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