Berizzo suffers from prostate cancer

Berizzo suffers from prostate cancer
Berizzo suffers from prostate cancer. Photo: ABC de Sevilla

The terrible news came almost dawn, shortly after the epic comeback Sevilla in Champions League against Liverpool and Sevilla itself this morning made official. His trainer, Argentine Eduardo Berizzo of 48 years suffering from prostate cancer. “Medical services Sevilla FC report that first team coach, Eduardo Berizzo, He has been diagnosed with prostate adenocarcinoma. Future tests will allow to decide which are the next steps in their treatment. Sevilla FC wants to show their full support for his coach right now and wish you a speedy recovery”, you can read in the news.

Champions encounter played in the Pizjuán, his epic comeback after losing out Sevilla 0-3 break, It was overshadowed by the news of the illness of coach who quickly flew all social networks even though no one had yet officially confirmed. Banega, Sevilla footballer, after the game and gave some clue that something was wrong. “He had to go out with a different attitude, by the fans who always embraces us and also for the coach who has reversed the situation. It is the epitome of all, takes us on the right track and we are with him butt”, the player said.

The coach had kept secret and were to make public the news Wednesday, date the club was holding a press conference to officially communicate. As well, it did before. In the break between Sevilla and Liverpool, the coach told his players what. The coach told the players that suffered the disease in the rest, when his team lost 0-3. The sad message led to the Sevillian set to pick against Liverpool (3-3).

Sevilla players celebrated with Berizzo the epic draw against Liverpool.El coach had told them the news at halftime. Photo: ABC de Sevilla

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