FIFA 22: What news can we expect

FIFA 22: What news can we expect
FIFA arrives 22 better than ever. PHOTO: EA Sports
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The launch of the new part of FIFA is an annual celebration for fans of the series. FIFA 22 will not be an exception, as it is an extremely lucrative business for the company. The new FIFA should be a real sensation, since the world is now completely immersed in a new generation of consoles, and EA has the opportunity to make FIFA 22 the best version we've seen in recent years.

The launch of FIFA 22

FIFA 21 he impressed us with his strong attacking game, amazing graphics with authentic images, and a host of game modes to keep football fans busy.

FIFA 22 will be launched on 1 October 2021. Will launch simultaneously on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch y PC.

Game developer Electronic Arts strives to reach a fundamentally new level and ensures that the game will become a true sensation..

During the EA Play Spotlight event, an official video of the game was released. This in-depth presentation showed almost every aspect of FIFA 22 and explained each new feature in the game.

FIFA 22 it is usually a very inclusive game and is a pleasure to experience, whether you are a fan of the big club or you just enjoy spending evenings with friends chatting and playing FIFA or gambling at online casinos. If you are a fan of this type of entertainment, has prepared especially for you a list of legal online casinos in Spain so you can find something according to your tastes and preferences.

What will appear in the new FIFA?

Improved graphics

FIFA 22 is the most realistic so far. Hypermotion provides excellent realism and introduces millions of movements of the real soccer player into the game.

Thanks to the capabilities of PlayStation consoles 5 o Xbox Series, the game can go to a completely different level. Some people think that with improved graphics and meticulous attention to detail, FIFA 22 it will truly look like real football.

In addition Electronic Arts will work a lot on lighting, the playing field, the shadows, and will make players' faces more detailed.

Search enhancements

New realism and color filters have been added to the game. The realism allows you to find customization elements related to real leagues, clubs or special content.

Filter by color allows you to search for primary and secondary colors to narrow the search area.

A wider range of players

The vast majority of professional players have their own names in the game, but only a small portion of world-class footballers receive full digitization processing. But nevertheless, the new FIFA will have a large selection of recognizable players from more modest clubs.

Significant improvements in action in the field

Game control is much more precise in FIFA 22, with many new options in action in the field. Real ball physics allows you to control the ball more precisely. In general the game seems natural. Getting the support of nearby players or making them run is also a useful feature this year..


FIFA 22 feels like a better game with tons of gameplay improvements, as well as artificial intelligence on both sides of the field or the improved animations. With new features, including the expected Hypermotion, players eagerly await entering the virtual field. FIFA 22 it will definitely bring a lot of other brand new features that we might not even be aware of at this point.

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