Gala Golden Ball to retreat to be “youtuber”

Gala Golden Ball to retreat to be “youtuber”

It was the revelation of the Golden Ball 2015. Not because he won the prize the Argentine Leo Messi was but because it won the Puskas Award for best goal of the year. The surprise was that the player who won walked far from the stars of the gala, it's more, He walked far from the categories elite sports professionals king. We speak as of Wendell Lira and whose story we tell at the time.

The news now is that with just 27 years, Wendell Lira retires from football to dedicate himself to be gamer youtuber. I guess if you're old school you wonder what the hell is that. So basically playing video games and present them in Youtube videos. A trend that became a job for many and very well paid for some.

But nevertheless, no longer surprising that a player who came to rub shoulders with the stars of world football a few months ago and won a media prize 1,6 million votes that made him famous around the world, You have not received enough offers to continue playing football and has decided to change this peculiar new job, on the other hand if it became as famous as others engaged in the same, it's not bad at all.

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