Wendell Lira, the modest player who sneaked among the stars

Wendell Lira, the modest player who sneaked among the stars

The Ballon d'Or gala is always glamorous. Multimillion stars of world football, They have been meeting every year which is for many, the single most important prize in the world of football. Then the discussion would be that if an individual award is fair in a team sport but that, It is another matter. In the Ballon d'Or 2015 celebrated in 2016 the image that will be apart from Leo Messi, Trophy winner, will be to Wendell Lira.

Born in 1989, Wendell Lira has crept among the big names of world football since the fourth division of Brazilian football, how?, scoring the best goal of 2015 ahead of himself Messi. Wendell Lira won the Puskas Award 2015 the best goal of the year after a spectacular Chilean in a match lower echelons of Brazil.

The goal at the time, It was far from anyone's attention and actually, the player lived an ordeal being fired from several teams and working at a coffee shop to make ends meet. A distant life of all other attendees at the gala yesterday in Switzerland. On award, It was a football award that modest living under the shadow of the great, apolillado forgotten in a corner.

Wandall lira 2
Wendell Lira excited after receiving his award.

The player is as logical, He was thrilled after receiving a surprising and original prize. So did his family from Brazil who lived as though the modest Wendell Lira had won the Golden Ball directly. Definitely, It was the winner of the night, Now we'll see if the award serves to leave Brazil under the categories but the truth is that Wandall Lira, He lived his minutes of glory and that, I never will not forget.

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