And why not Virgil van Dijk next Golden Ball?

And why not Virgil van Dijk next Golden Ball?
Why not Virgil van Dijk Golden Ball? PHOTO:

Virgil van Dijk deserves the Golden Ball"Flatly said Netherlands coach, Ronald Koeman, last June 2019 when he asked by the Liverpool defender ward of the former Barcelona player in the Dutch national team. Dutch footballer, He had just won the Champions League with the Reds.

"Everyone looks at the players who make or participate in the crucial goals of their teams, but if there is ever a good time to give the Ballon d'Or to a defense is now”, Koeman said in an interview on the popular Youtube video channel station organized by the Dutch KNVB.

And the truth is that the former coach of Valencia among others did not walk very misguided and a few months later and after accumulating numerous awards, Dutch defender is undoubtedly one of the favorites to win the most prestigious award that a player can win at the individual level.

2019, the year of Virgil van Dijk

The central 28 years and he won the award for the best player in the UEFA, He was elected in 11 ideal time of year and stood at the gates of winning The Best of 2019 Messi finally got. Real so is the possibility of winning the Liverpool itself is working on shield it against the possibility of receiving a dizzying offer. And it is certainly one of the players fashionable.

We are just 1 month that the trophy is granted and if it is true Virgil van Dijk is still the favorite with a probability of -250 as we saw in the SBD website, both Messi and CR7 are reducing the gap.

The last time this award was won by a defender was in 2006 when after raising Italy with World held in Germany, the central Cannavaro was chosen to take this precious award. We'll see what ultimately happens and if Virgil van Dijk manages to take the Golden Ball 2019.

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