Lost level America's Cup?

Lost level America's Cup?
Copa America 2019 He has shown a great loss level between the participating teams. PHOTO: As

The answer is yes, Copa America itself has lost level… and enough. The tournament selections of world's oldest football has degraded their quality game very clearly. It's not about the number of stars or the number of teams attending the event. In fact, during the last twelve years each national group could have its best players.

However, How is it possible that the show is getting worse? The situation may seem paradoxical. Without going too far, Copa America in Venezuela 2007 Brazilians were not (gold balls) Kaka Ronaldinho. Both were at that time the biggest stars of world football and, but nevertheless, the caraninha He won the trophy. In all matches of the championship there was excitement, good game and sporting excellence.

Eternal compared to European football

Normally, the big ones cracks the South American football preferred to rest after long seasons with their clubs in Europe. Dismiss the call of the national team was an option for the stars of countries like Brazil or Argentina. Perhaps there began the problem. Most often was seen in young soccer players Copa America, hungry firm promises of glory (and a good contract).

Instead, It has always been unthinkable that a European footballer not acudiese the continental championship willingly. Selectors technicians Europe never had to "try to convince" his super local star. About, Jose Mourinho he declared (2012) "Euro is like a World Cup without Argentina and Brazil". That is to say, the level of quality and performance at Euro have never been in doubt.

The problems of the Copa America and South American football in general

The small number of selections has never been nor will be- a valid excuse. The opposite, in South America almost every game are "a classic", laden regional rivalry and hard leg. Brazilian fantasy, the good treatment of Argentine ball, "Claw" Uruguay, Paraguayan airpower ... Each team sought victory with his own understanding of the game. A perfect match between footballing styles.

So, What is the cause of loss level America's Cup at present? Discarded the number of selections and style of play as probable causes, there is only one factor: It is endemic. While European football has evolved, Latin American football has stalled. As is clear evidence that the last South American team to win a World Cup was Brazil (2002).

Institutional mediocrity is key

The problem is generated from society, Governments and the particular idiosyncrasies of Latin American (not only in South America). the shortcomings (corruption, inequality, lack of transparency ...) Typical of these countries are also reflected in their sports federations. This has generated a long-term balance of institutional mediocrity very damaging for football.

It's not by chance, the only teams in the Americas that have shown great advances are the United States and Canada. Nor is it mere coincidence growth footballing nations like Japan, South Korea and Australia. Which it's, It is very noticeable especially in women's football nations such.

Government policies and social environment are often critical to the performance sports sets. This phenomenon did not manifest itself until the establishment of science applied to sport (from the year 2000). The organization, discipline and technologies, They have given advantage to developed countries. In consecuense, portals as bet365 casino European teams tend to favor.

Not new participation gambling portals being involved in all this world, in fact, It is extremely common and are part of the play. platforms like mejorcasinoonlineespanol.com Playhouses house the more influence they have on the parties related to the Spanish-speaking world.

The Concacaf factor

An important question: Why there are two football confederations (Concacaf and Conmebol) on the same continent (America)? It is as if in Europe the UEFA decided to create "UEFA Western" and "Eastern UEFA". Good, in America it is exactly that absurd: Concacaf (central and northern) and Conmebol (sure). The answer consists of three simple parts: corruption, more corruption and a lot of corruption.

Concacaf neither interested nor Conmebol really create a stronger single continental confederation. Everyone wants to save his "piece of cake" regardless of whether the sporting level is mediocre. Concacaf (especially Mexico) you want to stay apart to avoid competing for World Cup places with teams from South America.

In Conmebol it is "normal" that there are inconsistencies when choosing authorities, develop calendars and appoint referees. They not even make a request to exchange referees during Concacaf World Cup qualifying and avoid conflicts of interest. No, in South America qualifying match between Uruguay and Ecuador-for example the Chilean referee gives a. While Chile is also in the same group.

Copa America is tradition to invite teams from other confederations to complete a tournament with at least twelve participants, and you can make a phase groups, the tournament format is longer and more income is generated. But generally they accept this proposal teams send their sub-23 sets rather than the national team. And worse is yet ... Conmebol accepts!

The last Copa America organized between the two confederations occurred in the year 2016. It was a very competitive tournament compared to the bare championships held in Chile (2011) and Argentina (2015). In Brazil 2019 He has returned to the old vices. although Qatar (Asian champions) He sent a good senior team, Japan sent to the sub-23.

The "anti-values" of South American football

Lamentably media outlets have helped to highlight the innate vividness of Latin America as a sporting quality. For example: ESPN + Luis Suarez treats as a Latin American Idol (is seriously?). further, CONMEBOL has incongruent policies regarding good game and the safety of spectators.

The most recent serious case was demonstrated in the Liberating end of 2018 Junios between Boca and River Plate. It should not even be played after the attack fans of River Boca players. But the show must continue". TV rights are more important to cover; It is a lot of money at stake.

The most deplorable image of the Copa America Argentina 2015 It was carried out by the Chilean Gonzalo Jara. The central defender of "red" stuck his finger in the back of the Uruguayan Edison Cavani, who responded with violence. Cavani finished expelled, okay ... but, How is it possible that after Conmebol has not sanctioned Jara? It's more, He played the final and was champion Chile.

Very different club performed the owner Chilean details, Germany Bayer Leverkusen. Club officials to see the images decided unilaterally terminate his contract and fined the player with 20.000 €. Additionally, Bundesliga banned for a year Jara play in any team in the country. Now that's congruent!


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