transfer market moved in Real Madrid is expected

transfer market moved in Real Madrid is expected
Real Madrid will make a revolution in their squad this summer. PHOTO: Golmunio

The season 2018-19 It has been totally disappointing for a Real Madrid who failed to manage the output of its biggest star, Cristiano Ronaldo and has seen up 3 coaches have sat on the bench during the same course. A team always favorite for everything and who saw in February-March, it was no possibility of getting any title without any purpose.

For that reason and the requirement for a club that can not repeat the fiasco again this year, Real Madrid is the favorite in the transfer market is expected very moved among the largest in Europe and where rain down millions. So they see on important websites like

the Mbappé, Neymar and other world cracks, They sound again hard to wear the white shirt and thus strengthen a team during the season 2018-19, He has lived totally orphan franchise players. A) Yes, outputs and movements are also envisaged as could be Gareth Bale, who seems sentenced in the team at the Bernabeu.

If expectations are met this summer, Real Madrid set will be the top seed for the next year, if Zidane's hand, re-build a team that really can compete with higher-level teams. A) Yes, fans again bet on Real Madrid

The rest of the great promise of Europe also strengthened

But Real Madrid will not be the only ones who put all the meat on the grill to sign large cracks in the summer market 2019. Bayern announced it will up 500 million for signings, the strong United will bid to improve overall and return to being one of the great and of course, teams like Juventus or Atletico Madrid will also own war.

Either way, tournaments next year as the Champions League and others promise to come strong emotions. Thus, better to have on hand the app de Bet 365 Android and thus be able to bet on the time for a season for which much remains but surely, It will bring many feelings and emotions like this will end in a month and a half.

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