The Venezuelan national team thinks about the next World Cup 2026

The Venezuelan national team thinks about the next World Cup 2026
Yangel Herrera is one of the hopes of the soccer team. PHOTO:

Football in Venezuela continues to grow every year more, both in competitiveness and in visibility in the world of football. There is no doubt that a great effort is being made to place Venezuelan football in a more relevant place on the international scene.. The best sports websites as you can see in bet365 code you will be able to see the history of Vinotinto matches and enjoy football in an exciting way.

What is very clear is that the Venezuelan soccer team will not be in the next World Cup in Qatar, something that could already be seen coming but not everything has been negative. From the outset it was very difficult to compete with more proven and competitive teams like Uruguay, Ecuador and already from another level like Argentina or Brazil. But the level is becoming more and more equal and Venezuela dreams of competing with these teams.

Venezuela's objective was to play a good role and make it difficult for the other teams. Finally, it was placed in last place in the classification with fourteen defeats., one draw and three wins.

Nonetheless, spirits are high and there is belief in a long-term project with the coach Pekerman who is making a great revolution in the combined vinotinto, to achieve the desired goal of taking Venezuela to the World Cup 2026.

The Venezuelan coach has a contract with Venezuela until 2026, recently renovated which shows the confidence and performance to achieve the desired objective.

It will not be an easy task but the performance of Venezuelan soccer has been growing whole in recent years, and Pekerman has designed a roadmap that does not sound entirely unreasonable.

The main idea is to have the best in the national league and combine them with emerging talents who already play in international competitions.. In this way, an attempt will be made to create a daring and experienced team capable of multiplying its performance and competitiveness on the pitch..

A good example is the call-up of the young striker Alejandro Marqués who plays in the Spanish Smartbank League and who is a good benchmark of what coach Pekerman is looking for; young people with talent and used to competing in tougher and more complicated leagues like the second Spanish.

The most important thing of all this is to have a well-described sports project that is carried out little by little., capable of improving the level of the red wine for the coming years. Although the World Cup 2026 is the main objective, Venezuela will compete from the first moment to be a difficult team to beat in any tournament they are going to play.

There is no doubt that the image of Venezuelan football is changing and in the coming years they may be the ones that place the Venezuelan football entity on the world scene.. With good resource management and the support of all the fans, the challenge of living a World Cup event can be a reality, you just have to put work and effort.

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