a party of youth stops for a strong smell of reefer

a party of youth stops for a strong smell of reefer
The match between Onda and Castellón Youth League had to stop a few minutes (Photo: Youtube)

Once again the world of football brings us a story most curious. It happened in a game of National Youth League who played the CD Onda against CD Castellón when the match referee had to stop the match.

The reason, Incredibly, was none other than a strong smell coming from a spliff the football field bleachers La Serratella and reaching to the middle of the pitch affecting even the players from both teams. In fact, were the players who began to discuss it among themselves and the fact was corroborated by one of the linesmen who informed the umpire.

The referee stopped the match delegate field and soon became an operator to viewers who were smoking for them to stop approaching and they were hurting the players approached. The odd thing is that being a party youth category did not exist at that time any security forces so they could not punish viewers.

Javi Argudo

Javi Argudo

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